Product Haul: Too Cool for School

Posted by Jillsabs

I spotted this quirky store in the then-newly opened SM BF Homes and was instantly drawn to its display of mannequin heads and limbs, which still somehow managed to look cute. Strange, I know.

Anyhoo, it turned out to be a makeup store masquerading as a classroom/ art laboratory. Super cool concept, if you ask me.

I had a blast going through the counters, swatching and swiping and paying no mind to the fact that the brand was really intended for the younger set, hence the name Too Cool for School. Age is all in the mind and since I am as immature as the garden variety yuppie, I belonged there.


Hello! Hello!

Posted by Jillsabs

I feel like I should introduce myself once again after my long hiatus.

"Hello, my  name is Jill and I run Kikay Exchange. No, Kikay Exchange is not dead, but it may be on the verge of dying because its administrator is a bad blogger. A baaaadddd blogger."

Off tangent, I just celebrated my 35th birthday and how beautiful is my cake from Tous Les Jours?! It was almost sacrilege to cut into such a pretty cake but I'm glad I did because it was also really, really yummeh!