Accessories Organizer

Posted by Jillsabs

Valentine's Day came twice this year as some kind-hearted soul dropped off a bag full of chocolates for my dad. As we feasted on the Hershey's bars and Ferrero bonbons, I suddenly had a Martha Stewart moment when I looked at the empty tray.

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Sewing Project

Posted by ella

I'm been making patterns for maternity clothes for three weeks. I'm pooped and drained and want to sew something for me for a change. I'm thinking of sewing something similar to the Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress, which was the "in" dress ages ago (Ashton and Demi weren't married yet).

It's so last seaon that topshop has knocked it off...(I heard that because of the lycra lining in the Mouret dress anybody wearing it gets an hour glass figure! Genius. You can't get that at topshop)