The Spider and the Vamp

Posted by Jillsabs

It took me quite a while to get into the Halloween spirit, but surprise, surprise! Trick or Treat is now my favorite of all the holidays (assuming that it's a holiday). I guess things changed when I had a child and I saw how fun it was to dress him up and to dress up in general.


Never Goodbye

Posted by Jillsabs

It had to happen sometime so let's make this quick and painless.

Beauty blogging doesn't make me happy anymore. And because it no longer brings me satisfaction, there's no drive to go the extra mile to come up with posts, take photos, review products etc.

That doesn't mean though that I've totally lost interest in all things kikay, on the contrary, I often find myself thinking that I should blog about something I discovered or something I like, but when I start thinking about the logistics involved, I usually end up saying "Di bale na lang" and proceed to play with my son. Again, if something doesn't give you joy anymore, it's no longer worth the effort.

But while I may stop writing in Kikay Exchange, I'll still be visible over at Frugal Honey, my blog on personal finance. It might be because of shifting priorities or growing old, but managing my money and helping others manage theirs, gives me way more satisfaction than dispensing advice on hair rebonding.

To be clear, this is not goodbye because I'll still be around, albeit in another blog. Thank you very much for sticking around with me these past 7 (or 8?) years and you have all been awesome.

See you around!


Rosy and Pink

Posted by Jillsabs

I thought I was just imagining all the pink that I was seeing in my feed this month, but then I remembered that October is breast cancer awareness month, hence, the proliferation of all things pink and tatas.