Raison D'etre

Posted by Jillsabs

There really is no deep philosophical reason why I started a new blog. But why a kikay blog, for goodness sake? I'm hardly a make-up maven or a fashionista for that matter. However, I do enjoy all things kikay and kikay related and I think that's more than enough "moral authority" to write for this blog.

I'd like to say that this blog will be a journey of some sort but I'd be lying. Rather, it will most probably be a hodge-podge of all sorts of kikay things. You know, the sort of things that won't make you a better person but will definitely make you happier. So it all evens out in the end because the happier you get, the better you become. And that's the truth according to MAC. Finally, welcome to Kikay Exchange!

*Raison D'etre-reason for being

**kikay- (noun) a person, usually a female, who enjoys stereotypically feminine stuff like make-up, fashion, hair care etc (adjective) describes a person engrossed with make-up, fashion etc.