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Argan Oil Thairapy Shampoo and Conditioner

*Disclosure: Products provided for review purposes.

I may splurge on base makeup but I have never bought designer hair products. Maybe it's because I've never been obsessed with how my hair looked like, so I have never felt the urge to plunk down serious cash on salon hair treatments or hair products. But that's not to say that I don't appreciate good hair days, who wouldn't want to look as if they stepped out of a salon every single day right?

When I attended the Cynos event, the swag came with full-sized bottles of Argan Oil Thairapy shampoo and conditioner. The promise during the event was softer, commercial worthy hair (or something to that effect) without the corresponding nosebleed price tag. And after a few weeks of using it, I'm ready to roll out my review. Click! Click!

Coming Up with My HG Hair Conditioner

My perfect hair conditioner would be somewhere between Human Nature's Moisturizing Conditioner (Php144.00 for 200 ml) and Dove Nourishing Oil Care (Php104.00 for 180 ml.).

Cynos Hair Heroes Event

It was my first time to attend a hair fashion show and I really didn't know what to expect. I suspected that there would be some hairstyle demos and a runway show, but what I didn't expect was the razzle dazzle that surrounded the event complete with a live band.

Post-Digital Perm Hair Care Guide

*Cross-posted from Sunset Goddess Manila


A few weeks ago, I got my hair permed for the very first time at Bang's Tony and Jackey and told you all about my (virgin) digital perm experience in this post.

As I mentioned there, the main thing that I felt after leaving the salon and a few days after was disoriented.  After living with straight hair for all my life up until that point, I felt confused and a bit lost on what to do with my hair. And while still in that disoriented state, I sort of panicked, which led me to buy products that I realized only later on were not really what I needed.  I did ask a lot of questions from my Korean stylist, Anna,  but I felt like it's a hit or miss---as in, you have to ask the right questions or else you won't get the proper information. So the thing is, what questions are you supposed to ask?

And I noticed that while there are so many articles and blog posts on other girls' experiences on their digi perms, there aren't that many that tell us formerly straight-haired girls about what to expect and what to do with our newly permed hair AFTER we leave the salon and deal with it in our daily lives. After all, we already paid so much for the perm itself and risked taking this step to the world of waves and curls. So we might as well enjoy this new hair and be sure to maintain it properly.

So I came up with this guide, which is a compilation of my own experience and tips from other real women who've had their hair digi permed.  You will also find my essential shopping list for digi permed hair (because I don't want you to go through what I did---panicking and overbuying!).

Product Review: Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner

I've been reading so many good things about Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner that I had to grab a bottle the last time I was at Watson's.

Cut and Color from Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon

I buy vouchers from group discount sites every now and then, but I've always been hesitant to buy a voucher for services because of the horror stories I've heard about the shoddy treatment given to voucher holders. From pro-rated treatments when what was advertised was the full treatment, to just plain bad service because you bought your voucher for a heavy discount, I have made it my policy to stick with restaurant and play vouchers because they can't really cook your food differently or present a different story if you are a "mere" voucher holder.

But the Php1,500 cut, color and treatment deal from Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon was too good to pass up, and so bolstered by the many positive reviews of Creations Salon, I promptly bought myself a voucher. And I'm glad I did.

My Hair Story

I've been growing my hair out these past few months and now that it's past the awkward stage, I can finally let it hang loose and feel all girly girl while flipping my hair (just in time for the summer heat:p). While long hair gives me quite a kick, I have to acknowledge that my hair routine has become a bit more complicated because I have to find products that can keep my limp hair soft and conditioned, without weighing it down in the process. So far these are the products that have consistently given me a good hair day.

Pinkbox: For Girly-Girls of All Ages

*Disclosure: Hair accessories provided by brand.

Truth be told, I have always associated Pinkbox with the adorable Cassy Legazpi (Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legazpi's daughter), and thought all of these years that Pinkbox only carried accessories for little girls. I think the one and only time I entered a Pinkbox outlet was a good four years ago, when I was looking for a birthday gift for my then 3 year old niece. I remember getting her some cutesy hairclips shaped like butterflies.

Apparently, Pinkbox is not just for tweens after all, as it has a vast collection of hair accessories and trinkets for us girls of all ages.

Week 2: Colored Locks Rock with HBC!

For Week 2 of the HBC promo, let's talk about hair color.

Week 1: HBC Happy Beautiful Christmas (Win a Hair Care Gift Pack!)

There are 8 more weeks to go before Christmas and in anticipation of the usual stress and mayhem that the holidays bring, our friends at HBC have taken it upon themselves to ensure that Kikay Exchange readers remain happy and beautiful with the 8 Ways to a Happy, Beautiful Christmas campaign. Read on for the contest details.