Cynos Morocco Argan Oil: For a Stretch-Mark Free Tummy

*Disclosure: Item provided by brand for review purposes.

I received a bottle of Morocco Argan Oil** as part of the swag when I attended the Cynos launch last year.

The press release touted Morocco Argan Oil as a wonder and multi-tasking product that can be used to moisturize dry and brittle hair, a nightly facial moisturizer and as a body oil. But what really impressed me about it was how it kept my preggy belly free of evil stretch marks.

A Preggy Fave: Jelly Shoes

Growing up, there was a time when jelly shoes were all the rage and almost everyone was shod in this style or something similar.

I remember wearing my own pair during vacations, since I found the squishy feel strange and so only used my jelly shoes while cavorting at the beach. I never did develop a liking for them and never went beyond that first pair. Fast forward 20 or so years later when my feet were reunited with jelly shoes and what a joyful reunion it was.

Product Review: Clarisonic Mia

There has been a lot of buzz around the Clarisonic Mia and being a sucker for anything that could give me my dream of softer, smoother Korean telenovela worthy skin, I grabbed the chance to own a Clarisonic Mia for myself when the opportunity presented itself last year, courtesy of the Gcash American Express Virtual Card sponsored giveaway I held.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Walking on Eggshells

I've always limited my eye makeup to mascara and, if I have the time, eyeliner. Quick, painless and easy definition for this lazy girl. But recently, for some bizaare reason, I've been making time to apply eye makeup everyday. So far, it's been mostly misses than hits with my eye makeup experimentation, but one of the few hits I've had came from a most unlikely source, a Php320 palette scored from Watson's. I'm talking about Wet n Wild's Walking on Eggshells from the Color Icon range.*

Johnny Air Cargo vs. My Shopping Box v. 2013

More than three years after I first compared Johnny Air Cargo (JAC) with My Shopping Box (MSB) (read post here), the questions and comments still keep on coming. Considering the recent tie-up between GCASH American Express and MSB, as well as some changes with JAC's policies, I thought it best to come up with a part two to my first post.