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Casual Fridays

I'm not a fan of Korina Sanchez or any of her shows, but her outfit last Friday on TV Patrol caught my eye. The shorts with a blazer combo might not be for everyone, but I thought it looked refreshing and was a nice change from her usual stuffy, uber-corporate get-up.

Oplan Balik Ganda

A day before giving birth


I knew that having and delivering a baby will take its toll on my body, but I never thought that it would change it this much. About two days after I gave birth, when I saw my naked body for the first time post-operation in front of a full-length mirror, all I could think was: We have a lot of work ahead of us.

To keep things on track and to serve as my guide, this is what I need to accomplish to bring back the glory of the pre-pregnancy Jill (humor me will ya? :).

Say Hello to Baby Ace!

Just a quick post to introduce all of you to the reason for my absence these last few days. The sexiest man in Asia, my son Ace :)

Everyone meet Ace, Ace meet everyone.

Hair Color for a First Timer


Hello Ms. Jill!

I am 17. And my hair is still a "virgin", meaning it has never undergone any chemical processes and treatments, it's never been rebonded, bleached, dyed, etc. My hair's black and straight ( but is somewhat wavy at the ends). Now, I'm kind of bored with my hair, and I wanted to do something new with it. I am thinking of having a new hair color.

There's a small voice in my mind saying "No, don't dye your hair! Your hair will be damaged. Your hair has been very healthy for 17 years, NOOO DON'T! You should maintain its healthiness!"

But then another voice shouts, "You look so boring with your hair! You want to look prettier, right? Try to experiment! Don't be afraid girl! Go out of your shell! Look at those gorgeous girls, they may have damaged hair due to overstyling, but duh! They're still pretty! Go go go!".

So yah, that's my dilemma right now. Should I dye my hair? And if yes, is it better if I go to a salon? Because my sister offers to do it herself, and I trust her since for many years, she manages to style her hair on her own. And any special hair care tips?
I hope you could help me.



Miss Piggy is My Role Model

The title might have raised a few eyebrows but think about it, Miss Piggy always speaks her mind, is brimming with self-confidence and will karate chop anyone who dares to go against her. Ok, so the last is not something we should emulate (no to violence!), but really, after the Dove commercial put to light how women generally have low self esteem, it's refreshing to find someone who thinks the world of herself.