The Spider and the Vamp

It took me quite a while to get into the Halloween spirit, but surprise, surprise! Trick or Treat is now my favorite of all the holidays (assuming that it's a holiday). I guess things changed when I had a child and I saw how fun it was to dress him up and to dress up in general.

Last year, Ace was a caveman and this year, he was supposed to be a Lego block, in keeping with our DIY theme. But things didn't quite pan out as we planned and so we went with our backup costume, his cousin's spiderman costume which was just a tad too tight for him. 

As for me, when it became clear that the vampire cape I bought for Ace (Php120++ at HMR!) was still too long, it was but natural that I would be the one to rock the vampire look come Halloween.

And wouldn't you know it, a few days before Halloween, Revlon announced a flash weekend sale of 50% discount on its matte lip crayons which was enough reason for me to motor over to my nearest Watsons. I scored two matte balms for a little under Php500 (!!) and strangely enough, the SA kept on calling the red lippie as bloody red, even if its official name was 250 Standout. Clearly,it was kismet.

With some eyeliner and several layers of face powder to go with my blood-red lips and fabulous vampire cape, Spiderman and Vanna the Vampire were off to score some Halloween candy.


I won best costume at the Halloween party in my son's playschool! My prize was a 100p Starbucks GC which I spent on a capuccino, my first for the year.


I'm back :)