Quick Updates + Parenting Philosophy

For the first time in weeks, I woke up with absolutely nothing on my to-do list. I submitted my revised financial plan for my Registered Financial Planners (RFP) course yesterday so I suddenly have all of this free time to blog, read, cook or just do absolutely nothing. I love it! Also, my son's yaya is now staying in with us, so that means we can watch a movie or go out for dinner on a weeknight! An actual, honest to goodness date without wrestling with a squirmy toddler to stay in his seat. I can't wait!

While I do miss beauty blogging, I honestly don't mind not writing on my parenting site Mom Exchange. I sometimes wonder if I'm a negligent parent because I'm not interested at all in parenting techniques and all the other bells and whistles that accompany modern parenting. Moreover, since I don't have any basis for comparison that will make me shrivel with insecurity or pat my own back with self-praise, I seriously think I'm doing a fantastic job at being a mom.

Of course it helps that I have low expectations to begin with. All I really want in my heart of hearts is for my son to grow up happy and become a well-functionting member of society. As long as he doesn't end up with crippling insecurities that will stunt his development or lead him to become a sociopath or psychopath, I'll know that I did well as a mother.

For me that means showering him with hugs and kisses, but at the same time, establishing boundaries and disciplining him so that he'll grow up to be a well-adjusted person with no bloated sense of self or ridiculous sense of entitlement.

Alrighty, enough personal updates for now.

Is anyone going to the Mango sale this weekend? They're having a 30% sale today and tomorrow at all Mango stores, including the online store, and I have my eye on this red funnel neck coat.

We're not going anywhere cold anytime soon but I just like looking at coats and sweaters because for me they represent travel and seeing new and exotic places. A break from the day to day.

Incidentally, isn't the big Mango sale about to happen soon? Why settle for 30% when you can have 50% to 75% right? So I guess I won't be going to the mall this weekend then.