Cooking up a Kitchen

Whoa. It's September already?! Why does it feel like we celebrated the new year just a few weeks ago? Seriously, time is moving so fast!!

But despite wanting time to stand still so I can savor every second with my baby boy, I'm also itching for October to come rolling by because that means that I'll be getting a windfall from work and I can finally have our kitchen renovated!

For a quick backgrounder, we purchased the condo unit next to ours and we intend to utilize it as the kitchen, living and dining areas, while our current unit will remain as is (i.e. bedroom and work area). Since money has been tight, renovations will be done on a piecemeal basis, with the first thing on the agenda being to replace the now rotting, standard issued, super generic looking kitchen unit.

How fugly right?

The plan is to scrap that whole thing and put up a new one in its stead with overhead cabinets and a prep area in front of it. These are my pegs:

We still haven't decided though if we want to have an island built as the prep area, or to have a steel table custom made. I'm actually partial to the steel table because it can be rolled against the wall if we need more space.

We've already asked how much it will take to have a steel prep area similar to the photo above custom made and the price is a gulp inducing Php10,000, which is already half of my proposed budget for the kitchen renovation. So the fate of our prep area is still up in the air for now.

I'm also lusting over these Moroccan vinyl decal backsplash from the nic studio.

For someone who doesn't really cook all the time, I sure am excited over a kitchen no?:p