Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation

I've always had a soft spot for mineral makeup because it was the first foundation that did not cause me to break out and/or make me feel like I was about to participate in a sagala (in short, natural lang ang peg). It's been years since I last used mineral makeup though because the loose powder formulation is just so difficult to use and my skin cleared enough for me to use tinted moisturizers. But mineral makeup will always be there among my holy grail products.

Ellana Minerals was relaunched a few months back and I was impressed at its range of foundation shades. What was even more impressive was how you can order free samples of the entire foundation range and they'll even throw in samples of the other product ranges just because they're nice like that. You only need to pay for shipping and you'll get tiny baggies of samples which are good for 2-3 uses.

With this method, I discovered that my closest match was Hazelnut Latte and so I promptly ordered the pressed foundation (Php650).

The refillable compact is made from sturdy cardboard, which I guess is better for the environment than plastic, but judging from how stained and grubby it has become, I think I can only bear using it with another pan before I toss it out.

I don't like how the pan develops tiny bumps though, although I realize that those are caused by the trapped oils from my skin. But those appeared after the first time I used my compact and I used a kabuki brush pa, not a puff. So is my face really that oily or is the pan just susceptible to developing bumps? Has this happened to anyone else?

Coverage is buildable medium to heavy without being cakey. It provides decent coverage for the discoloration caused by seborrheic dermatitis I usually get on my eyebrows, but the patches and scales are still visible.This probably won't be enough to hide a full-blown acne breakout, but if you're experiencing that, take courage that this too will pass and high tail it straight to your dermatologist. Stop experimenting with your skin or trying to hide your blemishes with makeup, professional help isn't as expensive as you think it is.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, price for the pressed foundation is also very decent at Php650 and while there are admittedly cheaper powder foundations out there, those usually don't have Ellana's wide range of shades, so the perfect match makes it worth the extra dough.