Stocking Up on Basic Tops

I'd like to say that I prefer basics because they never grow out of style and then pretend that I'm a classic dresser that way, but I'd be lying. I'm now comfortable enough with myself to admit that I will never be fashionable and frankly, I don't give a sh*t.

Instead of being fashionable and following the trends, I try to go for clothes that flatter my body type and fit well. That means playing up my slender figure without drawing attention to my less than defined waist. Through the years I've come to realize that I look best in loose tops and tight fitting bottoms, or the reverse, tight tops with loose bottoms. And with my mommy pooch, I mostly favor loose tops these days.

Also, how can you go wrong with basic pieces? They go well with everything, they age gracefully and are every frugalista's bestfriend.

When it comes to basics, Ezra from Zalora just hits all the right notes. How pretty are the details of these tanks and chemises?

I find the price point a little too steep though (Php600++ per blouse), but Zalora always has all sorts of vouchers and sales so if you wait around patiently, you're bound to get lucky. Case in point, Ezra recently had a buy one and get the next one at 50% promo, so I snapped two of these drape front blouses in black and maroon for Php449 each, original price was a little under Php700 I think.

They're great for office wear and as breastfeeding tops, but I still have to sew snaps in front first because I don't want to wear a sando underneath it all the time.

Thread365 also looks promising, but I'm kinda put off with the high price point for basics (795p for a crew neck shirt?!). I think I want to try them out in person first before I take the plunge. These striped bateau tops (Php995) are really screaming my name though.

And how can I end a post on basics without writing about Elin? It's good to know that they've restocked their more popular styles and even added new ones for good measure.

My latest Elin purchase was this Sabrina top below, but I got it in rose pink and at a considerable discount (50% I think). Together with the Erika tee in cream, they are now in constant rotation in my wardrobe and the only thing stopping me from wearing them more often is that they need to be handwashed. I only tackle my handwash laundry when the laundry bag is about to explode, so once a month if I'm feeling domesticated.

There you go. Some picks and tips for sulit tops. Happy wise shopping ladies!