Going Natural and Organic with Zenutrients

Just how much do I love my Zenutrients coconut shampoo? Enough to buy a big-ass one liter bottle! Whoa!

I bought my first bottle of Zenutrients shampoo (gugo) because I suffered from post-maternity hair loss and gugo is an old school hairloss cure. I spotted a Zenutrients kiosk, browsed if they had gugo shampoo and snapped up a bottle immediately.

The result was underwhelming. While my hairloss did slow down, this may or may not have been caused by the shampoo. But the gugo shampoo left my hair dry and rough, maybe it's the salt in the list of ingredients. However, I didn't give up on the brand because it's local and organic, my two of my most favorite shopping triggers in the world.

Next I picked up the coconut variant and it was love at first smell! It has such a luscious, gourmand scent that I would linger a bit during my morning showers just to enjoy the yummy aroma. My hair was definitely softer after that.

The clincher was how much healthier my hair got after using mostly Zenutrients shampoo for a month. I thought it was just my imagination, but every time I switched to my tried and tested Dove or Head and Shoulders shampoo, my hair would be harder to tame and would appear less shiny. But when I would use Zenutrients the following day, my pasaway-tikwas would be nowhere in sight and my hair would actually swing when I move my head! True story.

So now I'm a convert and I switch from honey (doesn't leave my hair as soft and smooth as the coconut but it has the most amazing scent!) and coconut shampoo, and then indulge with the honey & coconut conditioner several times in a week.

The price is about 240p (250ml) or 717p (1 L), which is pricier than the commercial brands but I think that they're well worth it. I scrimp on a lot of things, but when I find something that works for me, I disregard the price difference because an HG product is priceless.