Missing My Folks

Even after I got married and moved out of my parents' house, they were always just a short drive away.

No food in our house? Let's go to BF and do our grocery shopping in my parents' house!

Bored? Let's go to BF and hang out with my siblings and parents!

Feeling sick and just want to be babied? That's what my mom is for! So let's go to BF, now na!

And then the day we all dreaded happened. My dad retired, and he and my mom moved to Biliran.

Boo :(

So now, instead of a short drive to bug them, I have to take a plane to Tacloban and then go on a 2.5-3 hour ride to Almeria, Biliran.

But more than feeling sorry for myself, I feel bad for these little ones (with another one on the way) who won't experience the joy of having a fridge filled with Yakult and chocolates just for them. Put there by an indulgent grandpa, who insists on being called Tatay by his grandkids. They will miss out on having their Loola to run to as their staunchest defender whenever they do something naughty.

On the other hand though, they'll have this as their playground.

And we parents will finally have a real vacation after we exile them to Agta Beach for weeks at a time with my parents.

For now, I'll be stalking the airline sites for cheap Tacloban tickets in time for my dad's birthday in August. See you soon parentals!