A Constant Struggle

As a personal finance blogger, I feel that I might regret this admission later on, but I don't care. Hello, my name is Jill and I'm addicted to shoes! Cute flats and sandals to be more precise.

I've been living with this affliction for some time and I thought I had already tamed it, resorting to buying shoes only when I need to. And to keep my addiction in check, I consciously avoid my triggers, not setting foot in malls unless I have to (which honestly isn't much of a sacrifice because I'm not really fond of malls).

But these online stores are weakening my resolve. Not only do they focus on flats, they are also locally made! How can I not support local products right? It would be anti-Filipino!

So far, I have prevented myself from splurging on a gazillion new pairs because of a few simple reasons:

1. Inconvenient payment scheme- most of the payment schemes are through bank deposit or G-cash, and while those sandals may be cute, I'm too lazy to go to the bank and leave the comfort of my airconditioned office, just to make a deposit.

2. Huge surcharge on Paypal- they accept Paypal but slap on a ridiculous surcharge for doing so. For example, the sandals I wanted was Php1,080 with free shipping, but when I opted to pay using Paypal, the bill went up to Php1,200++ that's almost a 20% difference! No way Jose.

3. I have no more room for a new pair- I live in a tiny shoebox of a home and so every purchase has to be mulled over, because I only have a finite space for shoes and clothes. As much as I love new shoes, I love not having to deal with clutter even more.

Just like an addict trying to change his ways, everyday is a struggle and so I make my life easier by unsubscribing from store email updates, unfollowing seller accounts on Instagram and creating a goal that would make the sacrifice so much easier to bear (i.e. creating a fund to renovate our condo). But I do sneak a peek every now and then to see what the new styles are, and just when I'm ready to buy a pair, I am once again deterred by the limited payment schemes. Success!

So dear online shoe stores, thank you for making it easy for this shoe addict to not take a walk on the dark side.


*Images from POSH Pocket Shoes, Lulu Swing, Yellow Bird Shoes, Anthology Shoes and Suelas.