Product Haul: Too Cool for School

I spotted this quirky store in the then-newly opened SM BF Homes and was instantly drawn to its display of mannequin heads and limbs, which still somehow managed to look cute. Strange, I know.

Anyhoo, it turned out to be a makeup store masquerading as a classroom/ art laboratory. Super cool concept, if you ask me.

I had a blast going through the counters, swatching and swiping and paying no mind to the fact that the brand was really intended for the younger set, hence the name Too Cool for School. Age is all in the mind and since I am as immature as the garden variety yuppie, I belonged there.

I ended up picking the Art Class Blusher (pink)* and Milk Tint (red)* after a few minutes of poking through the displays. Let's talk about the cream blush first.

First of all, I love that it comes in a nifty paint tube container. It makes me feel like I'm Picasso every time I add color to my cheeks.

The cream blush transforms to a powder finish when spread on and adds a natural flush of pink. It lasts for about 4-5 hours on my oily skin, and I usually need to retouch by lunchtime. Quite average staying power really.

I find a cream blush less stressful than a cheek stain because there's no element of rush to deal with. Unlike a stain that sets mere seconds after you dab it on, a cream blush doesn't so there's no need to hurry and I can take my time dabbing it on, checking if the application is even, without worrying that my cheeks now have unsightly splotches on them.

The Milk Tint was also quite a find. It looks really tomato red on the applicator, but loses its drama queen vibe when spread on the lips.

It takes about a few seconds for it to fully sink in, but once it does, be prepared for hours of natural looking red lips with the tint gradually fading throughout the day.

One layer results in a sheer color, so just layer it on to achieve your desired degree of definition. In my swatches below, the top swatch is two layers of tint, while the bottom one is only one layer. See what I meant about the Milk Tint being sheer?

This is a nice alternative for those who aren't quite there yet when it comes to wearing a full-on, war mode, red lipstick. It's a very wearable red that I've grown to love and I think I'll pick up the pink version next time.

Here I am wearing both the cream blush and lip tint.

I'm wearing two layers of cream blush and one layer of tint in these photos. The blush needs 2-3 layers to show up on my skin tone (NC37-NC40), while I wanted to sport a natural looking red lip, so I stopped with only one layer.

And that's that. I'm glad to be back blogging! I hope I can blog more often considering that my Saturdays are now free again.

Happy weekend everyone!


* I don't remember the prices, but I think it was Php300++ for the blush and Php200++ for the lip tint.

** Additional image from here.