Hello! Hello!

I feel like I should introduce myself once again after my long hiatus.

"Hello, my  name is Jill and I run Kikay Exchange. No, Kikay Exchange is not dead, but it may be on the verge of dying because its administrator is a bad blogger. A baaaadddd blogger."

Off tangent, I just celebrated my 35th birthday and how beautiful is my cake from Tous Les Jours?! It was almost sacrilege to cut into such a pretty cake but I'm glad I did because it was also really, really yummeh!

As most of my long-time readers probably know, Kikay Exchange is no longer my only baby because I now have a real, flesh and blood baby to cuddle and love. That baby is turning one year old in a month's time! Really, as cliche as it may sound, the nights are long but the days are short when you have a child.

My days pretty much revolve around this guy and work, and although he now has a stay-out yaya (I love you Sheila!), I take over the moment I return home from work. Bedtime for him is between 8:30pm to 9pm and if I want to get at least four hours of continued shut-eye before he starts waking up for his early morning feeds, I need to make his bedtime my bedtime as well. So no late night blogging for this mom.

That's about it for now. I'm so glad that it's a holiday today and that I have a yaya, which means I can blog, putter around the house, groom my eyebrows etc. etc. The possibilities are endless! Yayas are love, so treat your yayas well everyone!