Hello! Hello!

I feel like I should introduce myself once again after my long hiatus.

"Hello, my  name is Jill and I run Kikay Exchange. No, Kikay Exchange is not dead, but it may be on the verge of dying because its administrator is a bad blogger. A baaaadddd blogger."

Off tangent, I just celebrated my 35th birthday and how beautiful is my cake from Tous Les Jours?! It was almost sacrilege to cut into such a pretty cake but I'm glad I did because it was also really, really yummeh!

As most of my long-time readers probably know, Kikay Exchange is no longer my only baby because I now have a real, flesh and blood baby to cuddle and love. That baby is turning one year old in a month's time! Really, as cliche as it may sound, the nights are long but the days are short when you have a child.

My days pretty much revolve around this guy and work, and although he now has a stay-out yaya (I love you Sheila!), I take over the moment I return home from work. Bedtime for him is between 8:30pm to 9pm and if I want to get at least four hours of continued shut-eye before he starts waking up for his early morning feeds, I need to make his bedtime my bedtime as well. So no late night blogging for this mom.

That's about it for now. I'm so glad that it's a holiday today and that I have a yaya, which means I can blog, putter around the house, groom my eyebrows etc. etc. The possibilities are endless! Yayas are love, so treat your yayas well everyone!


Ace is such a cutie! <3 Happy birthday, Jill!

Hi Jill, happy belated birthday!

Funny because when I read the title, i just sang, "hello, hello, my name's Dibo!" LOL. Dibo the gift dragon. Is Ace watching some TV? Haha. This is one of Indigo's fave show.

Oh, and true about the yaya. Though mine left a month ago. :( It's really hard to be a working mom, I always wish I can hit the lotto jackpot and be a stay at home mom.

Happy belated birthday!

Ace looks a lot like you. Ang kyot!

Belated Happy Birthday Miss Jill! You son is so cute! :)

Awww ...

Happy birthday!!! :D :D :D

You look lovely--even lovelier than the cake! hehehe!

And your boy is so cute!!! Awww ! You both look happy in the photos! :D

Happy kid and nice cake. This looks really well. I want to see people smile . I am a guy of fun and dandy

Ace is sooooo cute!

Thanks for all the greetings you lovely people!

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