Shiseido Ibuki

There's been so much praise and whoops of joy over Shiseido's Ibuki line that I had to try it out for myself too. The wonders of marketing indeed :)

I picked up the sample kit which contained travel sizes of the cleanser, softener and refining moisturizer for Php1,600.

First impression, all three products have a very strong floral scent. If you like your products scent free, or at least with a more subtle scent, then you will not like Ibuki. But the scent dissipates within a few minutes after application, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Of the three products, I liked the refining lotion the best because two weeks into using it, I realized that I haven't exfoliated my face once using Cure Natural Aqua Gel as I didn't feel the need to. Usually, my face gets rough and with dry patches to boot, hence the need to exfoliate 1-2 times a week. But with the Ibuki range, no rough spots at all. Wowza.

The refining lotion is supposed to be a night cream, and with the slightly heavy texture and lack of SPF, I think so too.

I'm kinda iffy with the cleanser though. It cleanses and didn't break me out, but my Physiogel cleanser also does that, yet it doesn't cost Php1,000++. When it comes to skin care, I still believe in not emptying my wallet for facial cleansers as they'll just be washed off anyway. Instead, I save my cash for moisturizers and anything else that is intended to be left on my face.

The softening lotion confuses me. It's something that is supposed to prepare the skin for succeeding products, but used on its own, it already has a moisturizing effect. So if I wanted to save a bundle of cash, can I skip this step or just use it in lieu of additional moisturizers? And who has the time these days to cleanse, tone, pre-moisturize and moisturize?! If you answered yes, then I want your life. Seriously.

Anyway, the good news is that the Ibuki line didn't break me out and it did leave my skin softer. But for what I paid for it and the multitude of praises heaped upon it, I wanted my face to glow, with my pores virtually non-existent and my oily skin tamed! I want to look like this girl and be that photogenic even when I'm sleeping!!

So yeah, I wasn't blown away by the Ibuki line and next time, I'll think twice about jumping on the latest skin care/ makeup/ hair care miracle bandwagon.