Hey Shorty!

I started growing my hair out around three years ago  because I wanted to feel pa-girl after years of wearing it short.

And now I wanted to cut it again. Actually, I've been wanting to cut it for the past few months. Every time I wrestled my hair into another ponytail, bun or what-have-you hairstyle, I would tell myself to just have it cut once and for all. Then I would plan to make a trek to visit the hair gurus like Louis Kee or Henri Calayag, but a trip to Makati is already something of a pilgrimage given my current life and would entail making arrangements with my baby's yaya and my husband to drive me to Makati. Basta, hassle siya.

Then I saw Bianca Gonzalez' new Vidal Sassoon haircut and I was all the more inspired to chop it all off and actually did get out of work early to visit this trendy Japanese salon near us.

But then something snapped within me and instead of driving 15-20 minutes in rush hour traffic to get to the salon, I went downstairs to the hole in the wall salon right below our condo unit. As in it's literally right below us.

I showed the bongga beki my hair peg.

I also told him how I thought Bianca's new hair was all sorts of amazing and basically left my hair in his hands.

Considering I only paid Php60 for my new cut, I think it turned out well!

Of course, the real test to a stylist's skill shows a few days after the cut when the magic of blowdrying has disappeared and I'm sad to say that my hair is all sorts of messed up now, with my double puyo asserting themselves with a vengeance. Still, it's nothing that some hairclips and hair product can't solve so it's all good.

Next time though, when I can't stand my hair again, I promise to seek out Louis or Henri. When I finish my 52 week saving program, I might even have the dough to spend on a fancy shmancy designer haircut and color from JuRo Salon! Crossing my fingers.