Beauty Rest with Naima Sleepwear

What is it about lounge wear and sleepwear that connote images of ratty shirts, bacon underwear, basically clothing that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside of your house, but which you wear wholeheartedly in the comfort of your own home?

Raise your hand if you have also experienced that sudden panic when an unexpected guest suddenly visits and catches you in your ten year old, has seen better days and "please lang itapon mo na yan" shirt and shorts combo.

That's why ladies, pambahay should never be synonymous with losyang. Just because you are home does not mean that you should morph into a slob. Of course, I am not saying that you should wear a cocktail dress or have a full face of makeup at home (OA lang!), but neither should you be caught dead in a threadbare shirt either.

Ganda doesn't end the moment you go home.

It seems as if the creators of Naima Sleepwear had exactly that in mind when they churned out their first collection.

What immediately struck me about the pieces sent over my way was how soft the material was. As in really, really soft. Really.

The variety of designs also caught my eye because Naima Sleepwear carries cutesy pajamas and sweet chemise sets to more out there animal print slips etc. Unless you're into risque type lingerie (i.e. crotchless panties), you're sure to find something that will fit your style.

The Julia Boyfriend Shirt intrigues me. I know that it's supposed to be sleepwear, but I think that it can also be used for trips to the mall or grocery, as long as you wear shorts underneath it.

Pwede diba?

Even the chemise and slips can be made outside world friendly when worn under a suit (for the chemise) or with a cardigan (for the slip).


How's that for getting the most bang for your buck?

Thanks again Naima Sleepwear for my lovely and comfy new sleepies!