A Preggy Fave: Jelly Shoes

Growing up, there was a time when jelly shoes were all the rage and almost everyone was shod in this style or something similar.

I remember wearing my own pair during vacations, since I found the squishy feel strange and so only used my jelly shoes while cavorting at the beach. I never did develop a liking for them and never went beyond that first pair. Fast forward 20 or so years later when my feet were reunited with jelly shoes and what a joyful reunion it was.

These sandals from Grendha were an SOS pair I bought to save my aching preggy feet and back from my thong wedges. I was about 2 months pregnant then and didn't think twice about wearing wedges to the mall. But three hours later, my feet were on fire and my back wasn't faring any better, thus off I went to buy a comfy pair of sandals and ended up with my very first pair of Grendhas.

I've had my Grendhas for about 4 months now, and they've been worth every peso I spent on them. I love them so much that I'm considering buying another pair of jelly sandals.

Maybe something from Melissa.

These flats from the Jason Wu collection actually look much prettier in person as they don't look like plastic, except upon very close scrutiny.

I have no business wearing heels at this stage in my pregnancy, but these pairs also from Melissa are just plain scrumptious!

Hay naku, thank goodness Valentine's is fast approaching. I'm sure someone out there would want to give his baby's mommy something pretty and comfy for her easily tired and aching feet from carrying his baby...


*Images from Jellybeans, Grendha and Melissa.