Jean Talk

I've had this pair of jeans for about 2 years now and I think the primary reason I bought it was because it fit well on my hips (which rarely ever happens these days) and it was on sale. But after buying it and having the length altered, I rarely ever wore it again because the straight cut style was blah and made me look short. I've been plotting a makeover for this pair and I think I've finally figured out what to do with it.

The plan was to cut off the legs and reincarnate these pants into cut-off denim shorts, kind of like what my twin sister Rachel Bilson is rocking.

I wanted the whole folded hem drama, but saw that a frayed and distressed hem is where it's currently at.

I was all set to put scissors to denim when I realized that my jeans were like second skin around my thighs (J-Lo thighs represent!) and so a folded hem was out of the question. I then tried to visualize myself wearing frayed hems but my OC self just wouldn't allow it, even if BFF Rachel also wears hers frayed.

Thankfully, I saw this post from Eat, Sleep Denim where Taylor Davies suggested pairing boyfriend denims with bossy heels. Check out the collage she made.

Some of you might be rolling your eyes by now, but really, I've never thought of folding the hem of my jeans to show off my heels. The last time I folded my jeans was in grade school, when folding the hem on top of our canvass sneakers was the in thing to do. Although my jeans are not boyfriend jeans, I think the same principle will also hold true here.

And thus my jeans were saved from the cutting board :)