Online Shopping with USA2Everywhere

Check out what landed in my mailbox a few days ago.

When it comes to shopping in the US, Johnny Air Cargo is king of the hill, but after someone commented that JAC doesn't consolidate packages anymore and now charges per package, it became imperative to look for an alternative, and USA2Everywhere seemed promising.

First good news is that USA2Everywhere consolidates packages (yay!). However, it charges a handling fee of $7 (approx. Php296.45) per package BUT if you properly identify the product and provide the tracking number, then the $7 is whittled down to a mere $2 (approx. Php84.70). Please click here for the FAQ page.

Pricing is the same with JAC, with a minimum of $19.99 (approx. Php846.57) for 1/2 kg and below but RCBC Mastercard has this ongoing promo where they'll knock off 20% off your shipping total with purchases made using an RCBC Mastercard. The promo period is until May 31, 2012 and I'll try to make a purchase to check out if USA2Everywhere delivers (pun intended). As always, my future online shopping escapade is in the name of retail science and is specially for my readers... :p

Ok, enough chitchat, have to get ready for our Baguio-Sagada road trip! Have a great weekend everyone :)