Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express

I know Maybelline has a wide range of cosmetics, but for me, Maybelline is and will always be about its mascara. My first ever mascara was the iconic green and pink Great Lash mascara which is sadly no longer locally available (what gives Maybelline?!). I then tried out other brands but always went back to Maybelline.

After the Magnum (read my review here), the third Maybelline mascara I purchased was The Falsies Volum' Express, or Falsies for brevity. I don't remember how much the tube costs, but it definitely didn't go over my usual mascara cap of Php500.

The applicator has a bent appearance and the tube has clear instructions on how to apply mascara.

I find that using the scooped side gives my lashes a respectable wave, not quite a curl, but still a noticeable improvement over my usual stick-straight lashes.
The volumizing effect is also commendable, creating the look of 2x my normal fringe. But I wouldn't go so far as saying they're falsies level though, not unless you favor the very natural falsies at your favorite lash bar.

I must say that I wasn't particularly impressed with Falsies and just brushed them on out of habit. But once, when I wasn't my usual lazy girl self, I actually took the time to put on my contacts and later that day, a friend asked if I did something different with my eyes, because they looked prettier. She asked if I had false eyelashes on because my lashes looked long and thick (!!). Ok, so I guess Falsies does deliver after all (albeit with a tiny bit of smudging after a few hours), it's just my damn glasses getting in the way.

(Note to self: Fix kilay ASAP!)


I don't think I'll repurchase Falsies though, but this is mostly because Maybelline regularly launches new mascaras and I'm not yet ready to settle down with any particular variant. Sorry Falsies, but it's not you, it's me.