Blush Review and a Mission

It has become second nature for me to buff on foundation and swipe on lipgloss/ lipbalm, but I have yet to go on autopilot mode with blush. I have exactly 5 pots of blush and 4 of those, I've had for 2 or more years! Clearly, I must start applying blush more often because not only will my complexion benefit from the rosy glow, it will also contribute to my efforts at decluttering our little house.

I totally forgot I had these blushes from Everyday Minerals until I cleaned out my traincase.

I bought these on separate occasions about 3-4 years ago as part of an Everyday Minerals kit. Can I just say that Everyday Minerals has the best custom kits which can include foundation, blushes and brushes, retailing much cheaper than if you buy them individually. If you want to order online from Everyday Minerals, or any foreign site for that matter, I suggest paying extra by using Johnny Air Cargo, because peace of mind is priceless.

Anyway, I noticed that I had two pots of Light Pink, but one is a face color/blush, while the other is just a blush. I used to buff the face color (right) all over my face as my finishing powder and it gave me a nice, subtle shine. Maybe I'll try that again since my skin has stopped breaking out (yay!).

The other blush is Chit Chat and it's a vibrant and sparkly pink. A little goes a long way, so I use just the tiniest speck and then buff that on. I think I stopped using this when I started working and needed to sport a more mature look, so the sparkles had to go.

This bright pink blush and highlighter from The Body Shop Hot Brights collection is vintage 2 years (read past review here) and I think it's starting to show some wear and tear, what with the tiny bumps forming on the powder signalling that the end is near for it. I now regret stashing this out of sight because it's a cheery pink with golden shimmer and has a nice floral scent. I rarely use the highlighter on my cheeks though, using it mostly on my brow when I'm feeling extra arte.

This is what I'm using now, Hot Pinch from Pureglow (read past post here). It's a matte dark rose that adds just the right amount of color to my cheeks.

The goal is to finish at least 2 pots of blush before buying a new blush and I have my eye on either NARS or Bobbi Brown for my next purchase.

But at the rate I'm going with my current stash, I don't think I'll be buying a new blush in the next 1-2 years. Oh well, at least that's good for my wallet.

Mineral makeup has no moisture content so bacteria cannot form and thrive, so in theory, mineral makeup will last forever. But to prevent possible contamination from the brush, use the sifter and don't dip your brush into the main container. And if all else fails, if it smells bad, throw it out.