Celeteque Toners: Level up with Dermoscience+

I've been on a roll with my skin these past few weeks, I've had no horrible breakouts and my dark spots are slowly fading away. There's no big secret really, I just realized that Cetaphil wasn't enough to remove excess sebum and dirt from my face, thus leaving me prone to breakouts. Cetaphil was also woefully inadequate to address the pimples that would continuously sprout on the sides of my face, so I added Celeteque Alcohol-free toner to the mix and went back to Benzoyl Peroxide in 2.5% for spot treatment, and the results have been splendid.

When using Celeteque toner, I would make sure to swipe the cotton ball several times across my hairline and the sides of my face. Just a few days after doing so, no new pimples formed and my existing zits began to dry out. My theory is that Cetaphil wasn't able to remove all the gunk from my face, so I needed a gentle toner to finish the job. And that's where Celeteque shines the most.

Unilab recently upgraded the Celeteque line and came out with the Dermoscience line with all sorts of variants and products (back acne spray!). The alchol-free toner I have been using was repackaged into the Hydration range, and other skin specific products were likewise released. I picked up a bottle of Acne Solutions Oil Control toner once my first generation Celeteque toner ran out, and was excited to see how it would fare against my old fave.

The first thing I noticed was the smell. The Oil Control toner had a strong alcohol scent that was noticeably absent from the old toner. The smell reminded me so much of the acne medications prescribed by my dermatologist. Not a good sign.

Thankfully, the Oil Control toner didn't sting as much as my derma prescribed toner. There was a slight tingling sensation the first few seconds after I swiped on the toner though, but it was gone after a while.

Unfortunately, the Oil Control toner dried out my skin. I noticed my face felt tight after only a few days of using the new toner and my pores seemed bigger than usual, if that was even possible. But in fairness, I did not break out while using the Oil Control toner, however, it was obvious that it was too strong for my skin and I was better off with the old school, first generation Celeteque toner, which now sports a nifty new look.

Clearly, the original is still the best in this case,  and now that I've found what works for my skin, I shouldn't be too product happy in the future.

*Celeteque products are available in all groceries and supermarkets nationwide.



Hi there, I'm a regular reader of your blog and I really appreciate your candid reviews. :-)

I really have oily skin since time immemorial and I discovered the hiyang toner for me when I got pregnant 2 yrs ago. Back then, I had to scout for a toner that has no harsh chemicals. Through a friend's recommondation, I tried the witch hazel toner sold in Healthy Options (i forgot the brand) and it really worked for me. So far, no oiliness and acne na. :-)

Hi Julie,
The Celeteque toner from the Hydration line also has witch hazel, although it's witch hazel extract lang nga. I've been hearing a lot of good things about witch hazel though, so I think I'll head over to Healthy Options once my toner runs out. So much for not experimenting! Once a product junkie...:p
Thanks for regularly dropping by Kikay Exchange! :)

I used to use celeteque's old toner and it was quite good considering it's price. I tried chin chun su too and it really did work miracles but I don't want to use it anymore because I think it has very harsh chemicals. I'm now having break outs like crazy and I really want to try using celeteque's new line instead of using a combination of different brands, would you think that's recommendable? :)

Hi Mae,
If you suddenly developed breakouts, you should re-evaluate your current skin care routine, it's probably a new product that you introduced that caused the breakouts (that's what usually happens to me).
I had to stop using toners altogether because my skin because my skin developed dry patches. I suggest going to a dermatologist rather than self-medicating because you might exacerbate the situation.
Hope this helped! :)

do you still need facial wash before you use this?

Yup you still need to use a facial wash before the toner. The toner is meant to remove the dirt and oil that facial washes leave behind.

hi, I used celeteque alcohol-free toner for only 3days and it left 2 tiny holes in my face. I never use any toner because I'm afraid of having hole or should should I say, crater like in face. I've seen my friends used various brands of toner and left 'crater' like effects in face. That's why I never attempt to use a toner. But when I saw celeteque alcohol-free toner, I thought it would be a make diifference since it's alcohol-free so I bought one. At first, there's that 'sting' feeling. I ignore it but I always check my face. But after 3 days of using, it left 2tiny crater like in my face. I have a smooth skin in my face, no pimples, no oily problems. I just want to maintain it that's why I tried it. But now, I don't think I would use toner again. ;(

Hi.. i just bought the celeteque acne solution which are cleansing gel, toner and moisturizer. But i'm 3 months pregnant. Will it harm my pregnancy? please be honest of the answer if it's good or not for my pregnancy. Anyways, I have used it for 2 days and i think it's effective for my acne prone face. But i'm more concerned of my pregnancy, i hope i'll get a sincere answer. Thanks.

Hi Andi,

It depends on the ingredients in the products. Here's a post I made on skin care for preggos: http://kikay.exchange.ph/2012/09/30/skin-care-for-preggos

Basically, the no-no products for pregnant women are: salicylic acid, tretinoin (i.e. Retin-A) and oral treatments for acne like Accutane and Tetracycline

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