HBC Great at 88 Sale

This afternoon, I spent my lunchbreak at the mall to check out the HBC Great at 88 sale.

First things first, not all of the items are on sale, only some of the in-house brands have been marked down to either Php44/Php88. But unlike the pitiful sales in some stores with practically nothing to choose from, HBC has trotted out some of their best brands for their current sale.

HBC only had a small stall in Robinson's Ermita, so the selections were admittedly limited. However, the full-on stores have more items on sale, thus, feel free to skip the stalls and go straight to the mother ship.

What I'm most excited about though are the DIY hair colors (this is turning out to be an obsession...). I think I'll go light brown/dark blonde next time around.

I had a Php2,000 voucher from HBC (Thanks Lorie!) so I went home with these assorted goodies...

But don't hate me because I'll be raffling most of these for our 5th anniversary contest, do watch out for that :)

Finally, the Great at 88 Sale ends this Sunday, August 21, clearly, now's the time to hoard your favorite HBC products. Do it.


Or only some items for 88? How much are those hair colors Jill? Want to try that too..I'm actually maintaining my colored hair coz I dont look that good with flat black hehe..

Hi Chan,
Not all items are on sale, the ones featured in this post are part of the sale though. The hair colors are also on sale at Php88 from the original price of Php105. There are many colors to choose from and I picked up a tube of Celtic Red (a bright red), let's see if I'm brave enough to use that in the future:p

wow! that's a great sale! there's a lot of items to choose from! can't wait for your giveaway too! :)

that HBC places their good products in sale. I just hate it when a store places such pitiful choices during their sales.

Hi Jane,
I hate it too when the only items available on sale obviously look old or have clearly seen better days. Parang, nag-sale pa sila! Fail :(

i wanna try their polishes!!!

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