A Dark Saturday + Good News from the Philippine Post Office

This afternoon, something went "pop" in the distance and before we knew it, our condo was wrapped in darkness. The hubby and I weren't worried though, because the streetlights were on and some of the other condos had lights, so we thought that it was just a matter of time before the condo admin fixed whatever needed to be fixed. Two hours later, we were still waiting.

When it became clear that no light was forthcoming, we decided to head on over to my parents' house and crash for the night. But before that, we had to look for candles and when we began looking for a candle holder, I suddenly remembered these lovely ceramic candle holders I bought in a bazaar.

I love how the light comes out in dainty patterns.

I couldn't find the seller's calling card in the dark, but I seem to remember that the factory was in Binan (or Calamba), Laguna.

This one's the perfect size for tea lights.

When we got to my old room, I went through the items on my desk and saw this:

A package from Israel containing the glass beads I ordered for my charm bracelet! The Philippine Post actually delivered (pun intended) and I didn't have to claim my package from the post office. Hooray!

Now all I need is my dress from Asos to fully restore my faith in the Philippine Post. And of course, some running electric juice when we go back to the condo tomorrow would also be nice.