Warts Be Gone!

When I saw the poster for 50% discount on all machine services plastered in front of Lynderm's* window, I immediately popped in and asked if warts cauterization was also included in the promo. When the receptionist said yes, I suppressed a delighted scream, thanked her and vowed right then and there to return and get the warts on my face zapped.

A few days later, I went back and was directed towards a small cubicle. The procedure started with the spa attendant wiping my face clean with a wet tissue. Afterwards, she applied Emla, a topical anesthesia, directly on the warts. Next, she covered my face with cling wrap strips so that the Emla would not evaporate.

So freaking gorgeous!

Thirty minutes later, the cauterization began and it was exactly how I remembered it to be: jarring and swear inducing (like having a mini blow torch let loose on your skin)

To be fair, I felt absolutely nothing while the warts on my temple were being zapped, but the closer the spa attendant got to my eye area, the more painful it got. I guess that's because the skin there is considerably thinner. It hurt so much that I had to ask the attendant to stop the torture on my eyelid.

Me: Tama na!

Her: Pero m'am, may 2 pa...

Me: Ok lang! Ayoko na!

I felt guilty that I snapped at her, so I gave her a generous tip afterwards:p

I ended up paying Php750 for the whole procedure**, which I think is quite a bargain considering that a small tube of Emla already costs Php800 and the attendant was quite generous with her application of the topical anesthesia.

Here's my spotty face immediately after the procedure, I was told not to wet my face for at least 12 hours, otherwise risk infecting the burned bits of skin. The scabs became darker the following day and started to fall off after 3-4 days, and since I didn't pick at them, I didn't scar. Yay!

The things we girls subject ourselves to for beauty talaga:p


*A day spa chain.

** Original price was Php500/25 zaps/warts.


Hello ma'am, may cream po ba na pinagamit sainyo after ng warts removal? Or hinayaan nyi lang po magdry ung scabs til mag fall off ng kusa?

Wala namang binigay or inireseta na ipapahid sa burnt areas. Basta lang daw wag silang basain ng ilang oras matapos ng cauterization at wag kutkutin, hayaan lang matanggal ang scabs, para hindi magpeklat.