Betting on the Philippine Postal System

When I went to the States a few years ago, one of the very first things I did was to order something online and have it delivered to my aunt's house via regular mail (United States Postal Service). It was such a novelty for me to buy something and have it delivered through regular mail, and then not worry about whether or not I'll receive the item. Pwede pala yon?:p

Maybe I'm just overly optimistic or maybe I haven't lost hope, but I finally did the unthinkable and ordered something online ABROAD without using FedEx or any other courier service. That's right, I'm relying on our good old Philippine Post Office to deliver my items intact,  without charging me an arm and a leg on taxes. Oh yes I did.

The first thing I bought were these two lots of glass beads for my charm bracelet from Cecilia Cohen, a glass sculptor from Israel who sells via Etsy.

I spent $14 for this shipment ($9 for the beads and $5 for shipping), that's roughly around Php600.

I guess I was feeling a little trigger happy after buying from Etsy, so when I read that ASOS (a UK brand) offered free shipping worldwide without a minimum amount, I immediately checked out the sale section and picked out this navy blue dress for GBP12 (around Php850).

Again, I chose the regular shipping option.

So I've officially wagered Php1450 on the Philippine postal system, betting that the Philippine Post is efficient and trustworthy enough to deliver these 2 obviously personal and non-luxury items to my doorstep. Will it happen or should I just start berating myself now for even bothering? I'll keep you all updated :)

*PhilPost building image from the PhilPost website.

**Updates: Good news and bad news.