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My Progress Report on the Regimen

I read about the Dan Kern method a few months back and was skeptical with the thought of smearing a thick layer benzoyl peroxide all over my face, or with benzoyl peroxide for that matter. I've been using benzoyl peroxide for years as a spot treatment and it didn't exactly lead to a flawless complexion. But desperate times (see how desperate I was after the jump) called for drastic action. So if thousands of people swore by the Regimen then that was as good a reason for me to try it out as well.

First off, the Regimen is a simple, three-step process using inexpensive over-the-counter products. The trick with the Regimen is not in the products used but in the quantity utilized and the religious application of the products twice a day, morning and night.

The Regimen utilizes these three products: (1) mild cleanser, (2) 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and (3) moisturizer. There is no specified brand and the only caveat is that the cleanser and moisturizer must be devoid of skin irritants, so do away with perfume and colorant laden products.

I started with the Regimen about a month ago and religiously documented my skin's daily progress. Here's how the right side of my face looked like on the first day.


See what I meant about desperate times? :(

There was a visible improvement after about two weeks, the blemishes had dried up and were no longer as red by Day 14:


And here's the latest picture, Day 23, which was taken last Sunday (I would have posted a more recent picture if not for the fact that I left my camera at a friend's house :(


My skin is still not as clear as I would like it to be and new zits continue to sprout, but even I have to admit that there's a marked improvement between Day 1 and Day 23 of being on the Regimen. And for that, I want  to thank  Dan Kern for sharing his method with all of us pimply souls out there. Mabuhay ka!



My Regimen products are: Cetaphil for my cleanser, Panoxyl 2.5%, VMV moisturizer with SPF for dry skin (for day) and Celeteque moisturizer (for night)

jame kloss's picture

Informative analysis ! I loved the facts ! Does anyone know where my company could possibly access a sample 2005 Freddie Mac 70B / Fannie Mae 1004C document to complete ?

kathie's picture

st.dalfour works for me, removes pimples, scars, blemishes etc. trust me u'll be flawless in less than a week. never had problems with pimples eversince ive used it. i had 1 huge scar on my face (due to acne) that even dermatologists failed to remove. its only with st.dalfour that i never had to use band aid in my face anymore.

Chai's picture

Well, acne can be severe if irritation occurs. Make sure that you are using the right product and the right amount because too much chemical on the face would just irritate acne even more and much worse it will lead to infection.

Aside from cetaphil which is good and benzoyl peroxide, try to use natural treatment as well once in a while. Calamansi and other citrus fruits can make zits bye-bye in an instant. natural medications would not only help cure acne but would also gives you healthy skin.

Evie's picture

hi gals..... you can also try DUAC its benzoyl peroxide + clindamycin in cream form, manufactured by steifel labs and available in mercury drug stores. Worked wonders for me.

Paola's picture

I really regret trying this regimen back in 2006. The severity of my acne was quite similar as yours so I was also desperately looking for a solution to my perennial problem. After reading Dan's story as well as others who tried the regimen, I was convinced to try it out for myself. As mentioned in the regimen, I had to put benzoyl peroxide more than the usual amount although I was quite hesitant to do it since I find BP harsh on my skin. Nevertheless, I still followed the instructions and hoped to see great improvement on the succeeding days.

Alas, the next morning, my face was really red and I felt that my skin was raw and taut. What's worse, I even got more pimples - even worse than the ones I had to begin with. I was quite alarmed when I saw my face like this but I thought that this might just be the "purging stage" so I continued with the regimen for a couple of days. However, my skin didn't seem to show any sign of improvement so I stopped the regimen and let my skin rest from the trauma. I looked horrendous and everyone who saw me take pity on my pimple-infested face.

To date, this was the worst flare up I've ever had and until now, I still regret it. That episode has left me with deep crater-like scars on my cheeks and temples which I've been trying to address through Pixel laser.

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Paola,
An allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide sounds horrible :(
How's your skin now?

Karla's picture

My doctor advised me not to treat with benzoyl peroxide as it increases the risk of scarring.

I also have cystic acne, and there were at least 14 pimples on my face at any given time. Seriously, some were like mini-boils that swelled, coalesced and dug deep into my face for weeks on end.

I thought that this method would work. It didn't, and my scars were horribly dark. So I went to a dermatologist. Not just an aesthetician, but a diploma-carrying dermatologist.

Now even during my period, I rarely get a pimple.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Karla :) It's good to hear that you have a good dermatologist. I've been to countless derma, but the only one who helped rid me of my blemishes has relocated to the US.

May I know the name of your dermatologist and where his/her clinic is?


Jillsabs's picture

Hi Karen,
What regimen did your dermatologist put you on?

Elreen's picture

I've been using this regimen matagal na. Mag one year na ata ako. And I swear this regimen really cleared up my skin. Triny ko rin mag iba ng regimen pero hindi effective. Problem lang is dark spot na naiiwan.

Hatsuko's picture

The fact that you use Cetaphil and Celeteque makes all the difference. The combination is just so powerful that it's unbelievable!

2 weeks ago I started using Celeteque moisturizer before leaving the house. I forgot my Clindamycin in the province and was skeptical about going out without anything "on". After 3 days I noticed drastic improvement on my face!!! My pores became smaller, skin tighter, and NO BREAKOUTS! Seriously. I couldn't even believe it. I just use Apricot Scrub at night, YSA papaya soap in the morning, then Celeteque.

Celeteque is really realy good! It's water based so its even better.

Riza's picture

guys, i swear by kojic soap. try nyo. my friends in the office have tried it and the results are impressive.

carms's picture

Actually this "regimen" is what dermas really prescribe for mild to moderate acne. I myself had the same problem and my derma prescribed me duac naman which is to be applied also every morning under sunblock and makeup. Duac also has benzoyl peroxide and yep, it really cleared up my acne and though I still get the occasional flare-ups right before my period, its not as bad as before.

katrina's picture

Have you tried taking Roaccutane? It miraculously cleared my acne.

Elfie's picture

I took Roaccutane too, and even though it's very expensive, it is so worth it. It's very, very rare for me to get pimples now, even though I sleep late and eat anything I want.

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Elfie,
I've heard so much about Roaccutane but the side effects scare me:(
How are you supposed to take it? These are taken orally right?

Tricia's picture

Hi Jill! I owe you big time. need to send your kit asap. I've requested it already. I want to hear if it's effective for you because it has been effective for a lot of our avid customers and I want to share it with you. It's as effective but not harsh. some chemical based pimple creams do get rid of the zits but also dry up (and damage) good skin near the infected area.

as soon as I get the packs, I'll send you. It's been since last year that I promised. :) Best wishes on your engagement. :)

Jean's picture

I remember how badly I reacted to Benzoyl Peroxide. I do like TBS Tea tree Oild though :)

curious_girl's picture

been on this routine for almost 3 months now, been pimple-free for a while, my problem now is how to get rid of the dark marks from previous ones. I still get one or two, but they vanish only after a day.

Sana may magbenta ng benzoyl peroxide by the buckets para mura

sachi's picture

i am having stubborn pimples too sa may jaw line, my face is all clear except sa may jaw area lang. until now i haven't found the perfect solution for it. I've been using vmv products for years now(cleanser, toner and moisturizer), i even tried the vmv antibacterial monolaurin gel, but the pimples have not completely cleared out. I'l try Panoxly and hope that it works.

melvel's picture

I started doing this just last Monday. Problem area ko rin yung lower cheek area. Hopefully, it works.

Couldn't find that 40g Panoyxl Gel though, I got the 10g lang.

Gng's picture

Hi Miss Jill. Pareho tayo ng problema. =( Buti sa akin okay naman yung Proactiv (once a day lang, bago matulog). Good luck sa wedding mo. God bless! =)

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Princesscomia,

I still have a lot of Cetaphil left as of the moment but I'll keep you in mind when the time comes to buy a new bottle :)

Thanks for visiting Kikay Exchange!

princesscomia's picture

You mentioned that you use Cetaphil for your face. Just wanted to let you know that i sell Cetaphil by the litre at P600 only.
Let me know if you're interested. You may call/text me at 09189020645.

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