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Chopping it all off with Tony and Jackey

I've heard a lot of good things about Tony and Jackey, in fact my sister in law had a digiperm there about 8 months ago and her curls still look fantastic (click here for the post on her digiperm experience). So when the time came to chop off my hair, I knew exactly where to go.

Sitting there with newly shampooed hair, I still wasn't quite sure what type of hairstyle I wanted. I knew I wanted it short but still long enough to fix into a ponytail and that was it. To help me out, one of the attendants handed me a hair magazine and after flipping through a few pages, I zeroed in on this cut. Forget the ponytail, I'm going all out this time around.

This was how my hair looked before I had it cut.

The picture happy attendants and my hair stylist Mika.

Mika used a razor to cut my hair and I thought she was a tad too rough with it. She  kept on tugging at my hair with the razor comb and I didn't say a word because the salon was starting to fill up and a couple of people were slated to go next after me. I guess she was in a hurry and I didn't want to be difficult, besides, it wasn't painful at all so I let it slide:p

The finished product. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I can't believe I've never been adventurous with my hair, I mean it doesn't take that long to grow out bad haircuts and you can always use hair accessories to lessen unfortunate hair catastrophes.

Oh yeah, Tony and Jackey has an ongoing promo in the Festival Mall, Alabang branch, I don't know if the same promo applies to the other branches though and how long the promo will last. Here are the promo prices:

  • Haircut (male and female)- Php500 - Php300
  • Rebond (any length)- Php3,000- Php1,500 (Korean package)/ Php3,000 (L'Oreal package)
  • Rebond Package- Php6,500- Php3,000 (Korean package)/ Php5,000 (L'oreal package)
  • Setting/Digital Perm Package- Php6,500- Php3,000 (Korean package)/ Php5,000 (L'oreal package)

One last thing, I wonder how much the Korean stylists are getting paid? Because for Php300 a haircut, they can't be getting a lot.

Anyway, I'll probably go back to Tony and Jackey if I decide to have a digiperm in the future, but for now, I'm still on the lookout for my hair stylist soulmate and thus the search continues.



Tony and Jackey in Alabang (not sure about the other branches) operates only on cash basis and will not accept credit cards. I know, bummer :(

Anonymous's picture

totoo ba na kailangan pang magpareserve bago pumunta sa kanila? kahit haircut lang.

Jillsabs's picture

I highly doubt that, but it will be to your advantage of course if you set an appointment first before going to T&J, or any salon for that matter, that way, you can be served right away :)

Alison's picture

Hello. May I ask kung meron din silang mga pictures ng mga korean actresses na pwedeng pag-gayahan ng style? Thanks! :)

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Alison,
There were lots of Korean hair magazines when I had my hair cut, not sure though if they featured Korean actresses because I'm not that familiar with Korean movies :(
But to be sure, why don't you bring a photo of your fave Korean actress so that they can have a peg while doing your hair :)

Anonymous's picture

Hi! I just got a Digital Perm at Chin Korean Salon yesterday (October 07,2011), I liked my curls at first though but now I'm so bored with it coz' I missed combing my hair (well, that's what i'm used to) and it's so hard to maintain a curly hair! and I also realized that I love having a long straight hair! Now, i really want a Hair Rebond but i'm not so sure as to when i can get one, any advice??? I've been having my hair rebonded for 5 years now at Luce Hair Salon in Banilad and It was my first time to get a Digital Perm. Can you give me any advice or tips as to when I can get my hair rebonded again since I just had my digital perms yesterday (Oct. 07,2011)??? I hope you can help me! thanks a lot!!!

Jillsabs's picture

You definitely have to wait for a few months before you can get your hair rebonded again. If you have your hair rebonded right away, you'll only end up damaging your locks :(
To be sure, it would be best to ask your stylist when you can have your hair rebonded again.

patrisse's picture

i want my hair to be curl..
but its rebonded.. pwede po ba pag korean products ang used to rebonded hair?
bagay po sa iyo ang hair mo ms jill.. :D

Jillsabs's picture

Thanks Patrisse! But I'm growing my hair out again, sawa na ako sa short hair:p
Regarding your rebonded hair, I don't think it's wise to have your hair permed while it's still rebonded. I heard from my friend that the T&J stylist refused to digiperm her hair because it was newly rebonded, it will only get damaged daw.
You have to hand it to T&J stylists, hindi sila mukhang pera and they really just want what's best for you and your hair :)

Anonymous's picture

The best ang haircut na ginawa sken! :) Nakakatuwa pa ung mga koreans kasi ang cucute nila. Eva did my hair sm north edsa annex branch. :-bd Babalikan ko talaga sya. :)

Jillsabs's picture

Ooooh! I'm growing my hair out now because I want a digiperm, but after reading your comment, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed having my hair chopped off at T&J! Stop the temptation!:p

Anonymous's picture

Which is better for my virgin hair? Aqua rebond or l'oreal?

Star's picture

You might wanna try Rebond at Star Bliss Salon & Spa located in Timog Ave COr. Scout Torillo They especialized in all hair treatments.

Lea's picture

I want to have mny digital perm at Tony and Jackey. What is the differences of the 3 kinds of Perms in the said salon? Please explain. Thank You!

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Lea,
The difference is in the products used. More expensive package=branded products.

curious_girl's picture

had my hair permed a few months back because i hated combing my hair haha... but now I'm bored with it, especially bcoz its not that curly anymore.. I want rebond my hair now hehe.. I'm still thinking where to have it done though..

Khang's picture

Thank you!
I emailed them if until when is the promo, But
they have not yet replied ^^

Abby's picture

they dont reply to email or website inquiry. you have to call them. :)

Maha's picture

Your hair looks fabulous, Jill!! :)

Anna's picture

Great haircut, Jill! And so cheap! But still not the hair stylist soulmate? Mag Louis Kee ka na kasi! Or u tried na and he wasn't the one still? I think there's a Tony & Jackey either near CRC ata in Ortigas or near Morato or SM City. One of those places for sure, haha! Mura ng rebond ha! That's not Xtenso ba?

Jen CC Tan's picture

love you hair jill!!!

deeh's picture

Rebond (any length)- Php3,000- Php1,500 (Korean package)/ Php3,000 (L'Oreal package)
Rebond Package- Php6,500- Php3,000 (Korean package)/ Php5,000 (L'oreal package)

what are the other treatments included in the rebond package? :-/

Badit's picture

The rebond is just hair rebonding lang.

As for the package: 1.Rebonding 2.Hair Manicure (Cellophane) 3.Hair Treatment (like hotoil) 4. Haircut (optional) so it's really cheap na rin :)

the package takes around 4 hours so be sure to bring a book or food with you. haha :)

Khang's picture

Does that also aplly to Rebond (any length)- Php1,500 (Korean package)??? Thank you!

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Khang,
The Rebond (any length) for Php1,500-Korean Package is only for rebonding and uses Korean products, which I guess are cheaper than the L'Oreal products thus the price difference.

Jillsabs's picture

yup, Badit is right. The rebond package includes different treatments na.
Thanks for clarifying the difference between the two!

Jillsabs's picture

thanks everyone! i washed my hair na and my bangs are back to normal. isn't it amazing what blowdrying, hair iron and products can do?:p
I can't seem to recreate the look above anymore:( but will definitely research the different styles for short hair from youtube. maybe i'll even make a post about it! hmmm....

juno's picture

i soooo love the new hair! :) ayan, now i want one myself. hahaha!

Badit's picture

i love tony and jackey's service. i had my rebond there a year ago (also with that 3k promo) and they did wonders with my hair.

a year later my hair is still straight and still looks nice and tame. i remember reading a post about complaints regarding bad rebonding. go to tony and jackey :)

im still fascinated at how skillful the stylists are when cutting hair. kulang nalang matawag na silang edward scissorhands!their hands are fast!!!

Badet's picture

Love the haircut! I recently chopped my long hair too, I had it done at Fix Salon in SM North Edsa. You're right, hair grows fast and I have to go to another salon for another haircut. This time, I'm going back to my fave salon, Acqua in Trinoma. I don't like the stylist in Fix who did my hair.

Nikki's picture

your hair is gorgeous! i love Tony and Jackey, they cut my hair for the nth time and I always love it!!!

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