Century Tuna Super Bods Search: Probably the Only Beauty Contest Worth Joining

century tuna super bods

Ok, so that post title will probably earn the ire of some people, particularly the beauty pageant regulars. But I stand firm with my opinion that the annual Century Tuna Super Bods search is the beauty contest to beat in this day and age.

I like how the Century Tuna Super Bods contest carries no pretenses with it. It's simply a search to find the male and female with the fittest and most toned bodies, and the winners get to take home a truck load of cash. That's it pansit (with tuna toppings of course). There's no rigmarole of beauty queens saving the environment by planting trees while wearing a sash and crown, or the next title holders holding the future of the Philippines in their well-manicured hands.


The "Healthy Bodies" aspect of the contest is a given, but I'm kinda worried about the "Healthy Minds" requirement. Will there be a question and answer portion during the coronation night? Eeeep :( If there will be a Q&A, hopefully it won't generate such answers as: "World Peace" and "I want to be an inspiration for the children of the world". You know, motherhood and much abused questions and answers which become fodder for nasty comments the following day.

So if you're reasonably healthy with a hot body to boot (don't be modest now!), then click here for the competition mechanics. The videos of the pre-qualified contestants can be viewed here, and KE is happy to note that our girl Noelle (whose posts can be found here, here and here) made it as a semi-finalist!


Good luck Noelle!