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My first Sony experience iswith my Sony Walkman

I can't remember the exact words, but my Dad had this saying about buying quality despite a premium price because usually you end up paying more if you buy cheap stuff. He used shoes as an example, but for me, I'm gonna go with Sony. See, believe it or not, we had the first ever Walkman released in '79, and for the life of me, I still remember using it into the mid-'90s until it disappeared after we moved house. Not only that, we also have a 15 year old 14" inch Trinitron and another 12+ year old Walkman I used to take jogging with me because I was afraid my mp3 player is too tempting for thieves, and besides I liked listening to the variety of radio rather than mp3s over and over again.
The TV has a fine crack in the middle, a war wound from when a baby niece pushed it off a table once, and the Walkman had also served a hard life as a 24 hour radio for my previous office amongst other things. It's sitting on my desk gathering dust, but during the occasional power outage due to a storm, I just plug in batteries and it's ready to go.
I'm not putting pics of them since they're not really impressive to look at, but suffice to say my Dad was right. They may have been more expensive than their rivals at the time we bought them, but they've surely paid their value by at least 50 times, so much so they've even outlasted things we've bought in between. This is probably the chief reason why we had no trouble posting about Sony from way back since KE started, a total 6 times already, here, here, here, here, here and here. We've always known it'd be worth it if anyone decides to bite. I'll admit I'm writing this as an entry to Sony's Blogging Contest, and yeah sure it'd be great to win this:
or maybe even this:
But hey whichever happens, when people start talking about how buying quality stuff is a better idea because it lasts longer and therefore saves you more down the road, I think Sony. Ok I'm required to add this part: The Walkman definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First World’s First Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder: TG1 Handycam. Sorry about that, I'm not used to joining these blogging contests and selling out KE, our baby. This'll probably be the last time, unless I win. *WINK*

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