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Help Wanted for Growing Out Rebonded Hair

Hi Kikay Exchange, I just want to ask if you have any advice on how to outgrow rebonded hair. I've had 4 or 5 rebonds so far and it has been good naman. Now I want to try to have "natural" hair. I'm due for my next session this July but I'm having second thoughts. When I don't iron my hair now, it becomes wavy near the roots then the rest of my hair is straight. Any ideas on how I can grow out my rebonded hair? Thanks!




Hi Via, Hmn...Actually, in my case, I just let my hair grow. My last rebond was a year ago, and I don't think I am getting my hair rebonded anytime soon because I feel as if my hair just gets damaged with the constant rebonding, even if it looks fine at the beginning. Maybe just let it grow out and then slowly trim the rebonded part? Sorry I haven't been much of a help. But the available choices for you are: (1) to have it rebonded again (touch-up the roots);(2) iron or blow-dry the roots, or (3) just let it grow :)


Ed's Note: Hi Via! To add to what Chel said, you may also want to consider cutting your hair to help with the growing out process. The less rebonded hair you have, the easier it will be for you to grow it out. Makes sense right?:p

At any rate, chopping off a few inches will make your hair more manageable and the difference between the natural and processed hair will not be as pronounced. I also don't think that there's an effortless way of making a smooth transition from wavy hair to rebonded hair, particularly if you were born with naturally curly hair. There will always be some degree of effort involved to achieve uniformity throughout your tresses, be it through blow-drying or ironing your hair. Given this predicament, it would be best to use products which will protect your hair from constant heat exposure, like Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Heat Conditioning Spray or similar products. And try to switch to an ionic dryer and a ceramic iron too, because the way they distribute heat is better for your hair.

And if you get tired with constantly dealing with your half natural-half rebonded hair, why not get a very cute and short haircut? Perhaps now is the time for you to try a new look :) Thanks for writing to Kikay Exchange!

Anastasha's picture

After ng rebond may napansin ako, kulot na matigas po yung sa anit pero straight naman sa baba. Bakit po nagkaganon at ano pwede gawin para mawala?

abby's picture

Hi im abby and i got my hair rebounded last year, i cut it short but still there's alot of curls is there any treatments that i can do to prevent curls and grow my hair naturally? btw im 14 y.old

amelia's picture

I got my hair rebonded a year ago and my hair has not grown even 1 inch and my hair is extremely thing, are there any ways to get it longer and thicker

Anonymous's picture

Hey. I'm Kaye. I have a problem. When I was a kid, I had a really nice hair but then my 'yaya' changed my shampoo everyday so I guess you can say that my hair is really damaged. I don't know what to do, I have been in rebond treatment for a few years now, I'm getting tired of it because I want natural hair. My hair is really damaged and it frustrates me so much, is there any way to fix my damaged hair? :(

Anonymous's picture

Hi..I had a natural curls before I got them rebonded. Is there any way to get my old spiral curls back. I miss them a lot and I really want my hair to grow back curly as soon as possible

belle's picture

Hi.. I just gor rebonded this week and when my hair dries out it waves a little on my neck part (I have layered hair) I'd there any products or any treatment to make my hair straight again..?

Anonymous's picture

Uhm hello i am 14 and i got my hair rebonded last january 2012 and i really want my old hair back, the natural one which wasn't treated with anything. I have been researching and saw that i should just wait till my natural hair grows back again (which is what im doin right now) and i also saw that you can consult your stylist and have your rebonded hair treated with chemicals that can reverse rebonded hair into your natural hair but it will severely damage your hair, is this true :o? Please reply for i have been searching for answers ever since :((

Jillsabs's picture

I'm sorry that your hair got damaged because of rebonding, but really, the best thing you can do now is to treat you hair with some TLC (i.e. conditioning treatments) and keep getting regular trims to snip off the damaged ends. Before you know it, your hair will be back to its healthy state and you can put the nightmare of your rebonded hair behind you :)

Anonymous's picture

Hello :)

I got my hair rebonded in the end of April 2013, and it worked out awsome for me, but as time is passing my hair is getting wavy again (not as much as naturally curly), i cant figure out what to do :( . I really loved my rebonded hair, people say its too soon to get rebonding or any chemical treatment again, is there any way to prolong the half remaiining straightness of my hair? also i havnt ever straightened my hair since i got rebonding. what will happen if i straighten my hair now? And also please tell me any good Shampoo and Conditioner of a brand thats available internationally, i.e L'oreal or Pantene etc :)

My hair is about 6-7 inch long, im planning to get a haircut, how much length do u think should i atleast have so that my half straight hair remain that way and dont get curly :)

Also please remember that im a boy, and im 17 ....
Thankz for going through all this, Looking Forward for reply =]

Jillsabs's picture


I'm sorry but I can't help you because I've never had my hair rebonded and neither am I a hair professional, so you really can't trust anything I say about hair:p

For a good conditioner though, I can't help but love Dove (the one with oil) because just one use really made my buhaghag hair sleek and soft. Really impressive stuff.

Anonymous's picture

Please Please Please reply as soon as you can :)

Leen's picture

Hi just got my rebond yesterday and I been doing it for how many time before and it's actually every year but what it is worrying on my end is what should I do if My hair show this time that there is a dame frizzy hair and super dry in salon they have this term in speaking hair like "gumogoma" when u going pulling a hair strands it will shows of a super frizzy after. This is what I don't wanna happened on my hair what can I do after?

Felicia's picture

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Jillsabs's picture

Hi Leen,

It's best if you ask your stylist about post-treatment care and maintenance of your newly rebonded hair.

I haven't had my hair rebonded ever, but from what I know, you're not supposed to wet or tie your hair for a few days after treatment right? And be sure to keep your hair moisturized as well to counteract the damage.

Bernice's picture

Greetings! You're probably a busy person so I'll go straight to the point. :)
I had my hair rebonded last July, however, as the weeks go by, it became fluffy and it has acquired peculiar waves along the neck area as if it was tied up in a ponytail (which I NEVER did). I was wondering how could I make my hair look as STRAIGHT, sleek and UN-FLUFFY as I first stepped out of the salon? This is the first time I had my hair go through a procedure so tedious and chemically-enriched so the changes worry me very much. I would sincerely appreciate it if you could share some insights about this matter. Thank you so much for going through this! :)

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Bernice,

It looks like your hair has been damaged from all the chemicals. The thing to do now is to treat it with TLC and restore your hair back to health.

Skip the chemicals for the next few months and if you want to get that salon sleekness back, you can use a hair iron every now and then but don't use it everyday and always use a heat protectant spray before ironing it or blowdrying it.

You may want to consider a shorter hairdo because you'll be better off cutting your hair and starting again.

There are a lot of short cuts and now is the time to try one :)

Anonymous's picture

i have very dry shoulder length curly hair with lot of fizz.
should i go for rebonding?
i am scared of its side effects if any.

Jillsabs's picture

You can have it rebonded but you should be aware that when your hair starts to grow out, the rough and frizzy part from the roots will contrast with the straight rebonded part. By that time, you'll have to commit to taking care and styling your hair on a daily basis. If you don't have the time to do that, best to skip the rebond and just pamper your hair with treatments to make it smoother.

Anonymous's picture

hi! i just had my hair rebonded last week. yung middle part wavy na agad, pwede kaya ipaulit to, yung part lang na yun yung lalagyan ng gamot? thank you! :)

Jillsabs's picture

It depends on your salon's policy. But it can't hurt to try. If your hair is wavy after only one week, then obviously pangit ang pagkakagawa nila, so maybe they'll retouch your hair. Although the salon might also say that you didn't do the post-care maintenance that's why your hair is already wavy. Pero try mo na lang din.

prabhleen kaur's picture

I got my hair rebonded in October 2011. I had some natural groeth as well but I want to have my hair turned naturally the way they were. Due to some ethocs in our religion I can't cut or trimm my hair. Please suggest what to do ? :(

ems's picture

My hair rebonded last week after i washed it my its frizzy. What treatment i can do to revive it?

kristine's picture

i just had my hair rebonding a few days ago. the result was'nt that good.i can see some flyaways and i feel bad about it.. my natural hair was'nt curly naman. bt gnun ngyari? i want a flyawayfree hair..what will i do?

Jillsabs's picture

Hi Kristine,

Maybe you can go back to the salon and ask for tips on how to deal with your hair? Or maybe they can fix it for you.

At this point I think regular conditioning can help your hair become healthier and lay off the chemicals for the next few months or so, give your hair some time to heal itself.

Anonymous's picture

I had my hair rebounded Feb-2013. To reduce hair fall i continoulsy take biotin tab. Now i am having curly baby hairs on my head that is growing naturally. Plz help me its looks so bad that so many baby hairs.

Jillsabs's picture


You should go back to your stylist and ask him to do something about the curly baby hairs sprouting from your head. But if that's your natural hair regrowth then the best solution is to slick it down with a hair product while they're still short, and then later on taming them down with a hair iron every now and then, to damaging your chemically treated hair.

Anonymous's picture

As per stylist,it's my new hair growth . Can u tell me the product that i can use to down my baby hairs. Also my hairs are so frizy now. My hairs was so rough from end. she gave me a cut from end but next time another lady of her parlour shape them again & short them again. now after two months. they are growing but from end it is in bad shape also. Plz let me know what can i do.

Jillsabs's picture

Vitresse is a good and inexpensive product to tame your baby hair. To save your rough hair, be sure to regularly condition and use hair masks. No need to buy expensive brands, try out the hair masks from HBC and Watson's first to see if they will work for you.

Anonymous's picture

can u tell me the complete name of hair mask? can i use another mask than wella. I had wella rebounding. For straight hairs i am using heat protector spray before using hot iron. is it safe?

Jillsabs's picture

I'm sorry but I don't remember the exact name of the hair mask. Just browse through the different brands and pick the one that's apt for your current hair concern (i.e. moisturizing).

And a heat protector spray is always a good idea before you expose your hair to heat.

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