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Nope, It Didn't Let Me Down

Don't we all hate the feeling of sweat and the whiff of sweat and body odor? Aside from the unsightly marks on the underarm area, we always hate the embarrassment we get once someone spots these "watermarks" and when we fuss about it more, we tend to sweat more, making the problem worse. Sure, we rely on our antiperspirants but some of these seem to slide off or wear off at the end of the day. Personally, this can be embarrassing for me especially if I'm doing makeup on location and handling finicky clients.




Enter Rexona Spray Deodorant. We all know the brand Rexona after being around for quite a while. At first, I was hesitant using spray deodorant since I've been used to the usual stick and roll-on. I saw this one promises 24-hour protection, I was like, "Hmmmmm...let's see".

So here's what I have to say about it:


Price: Php 145.00 at supermarkets when I last checked. Drugstores and convenience stores could have a higher markup, though. But this aerosol bottle lasts really long.


Feel: The direction says to hold the nozzle 6 inches from the underarm area and spray. The spray was cold, something like the feeling when you're being airbrushed. The pressure though, is mild enough and it clings to your skin instead of being slapped on there in karate-chop strength. The deodorant just glides on to your skin without the inertia or ricochet, the same way we get from a roll-on or a stick except though that we don't rub the product in but spray it right there.


Protection: When they say protection, they mean protection. Since it works as the body heats up, it was able to withstand stress and the heat and humidity of the Philippines. I was able to keep fresh during a sweaty day at a photoshoot, while commuting (I'm talking traditional commute here, not cab or shuttle but BUS and JEEPNEY), walking from Ayala, Glorietta, Greenbelt, SM, and back. Heck I can even give a testimonial about it in a Rexona ad. At the end of the day, with all my activities, I still remained fresh. It could also withstand an hour doing Hip Hop Abs.


Cons: The spray leaves a white residue but it gets absorbed eventually. Some may not like the cold sensation though.


Extra Bonus: Since it's a spray formula, it's more hygienic than stick or roll-ons. It smells really great too, and it doesn't sting my underarms. It's also quick drying so you need to wait a lesser time before putting your clothes on (bonus if you're running late!). I'm using the Free Spirit kind, which smells really fresh and clean. For my active days, this is my deo of choice. I really love this and I'd love to put this up to my "items to have in stock list." It really saves me from embarrassment during days where I always have to stay fresh and on-top.

bambi's picture

hey guys, i suggest to write a post on dricolor already as the chat-exchange message alerts has been clogging my inbox already. thanks. hope you understand.

demi's picture

Originally Posted By hermionehello, san po ba nakakabili ng driclor?? nakakaitim po ba xa ng kilikili? is it really effective specially for people with excessive underarm sweating?
please reply naman po... thank u..

hi hermione! nabibili ung driclor sa mercury.. d xa nakakaitim ng underarm parang nakakaputi pa nga eh. effective talaga xa unang gamit mo palang mapapansin mo na agad ung effect nya, mababawasan na agad ung sweat tuloy2 mo lng un gang sa mawala mejo makati nga lng pag nasobrahan ung lagay .... tiisin mo lng xe mawawala naman ung sweat mo .

demi's picture

welcome balitaan mko kung nagwork ha! pro magwowork yan

hermione's picture

hello, san po ba nakakabili ng driclor?? nakakaitim po ba xa ng kilikili? is it really effective specially for people with excessive underarm sweating?
please reply naman po... thank u..

jay's picture

hi demi!tnx ha..sna mag work din siya sken..

demi's picture

Originally Posted By Jayguys ung mga nkgamit n pasagot nman planning to buy kc kya lng mejo nta2kot pa..

jay ok lang un pag nag apply ka ng gabi pwd ka gumamit ng deo sa morning nun ala naman prob. ginagawa ko kc un

Jay's picture

guys ung mga nkgamit n pasagot nman planning to buy kc kya lng mejo nta2kot pa..

Jay's picture

gnicole..just want 2 know lng,dba ga2mitin xa sa nyt..ok lng ba gumamit ng deo mu tlga sa morning pagkaligo mo,i mean alternate ang gmit ng dalawa khit nsa process kpa?pede ba un?ndi nman ba nka2itim ng armpits?tnx..

kathy's picture

does driclor darken underarms?

demi's picture

Originally Posted By thesshow i wish it will work for me too.

Driclor worked for me, u should try it thess, and everytime you go out use nivea para sure na no smell . .

thess's picture

how i wish it will work for me too.

claudia's picture

Does it darken the pits? Gnicole hasn't answered it yet :)

doratheexplorer's picture

Driclor sounds promising. I hope it will work for me too. Thank you for sharing this information. I first read about this from an old magazine.
Btw, the excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. :)

pepper's picture

Driclor worked for me too! As in. In my case naman, i used it every other day for 8 days. And then now, hindi pa ako gumagamit for 1 week okay pa naman armpits ko.. Just my regular deo (Nivea extra whitening spray) everytime i go out para sure na no smell. Really works! Try niyo mga sis! Pricey but really worth it :D

Angel's picture

Redpl8, Oh that was stupid! All this while, I thought it's DRICOLOR! :)) No wonder they gave me blank stares. :D

Same question... does it darken your underarm? God, hope not.

redpl8's picture

gnicole: does driclor darken underarms?

redpl8's picture

Angel: i went to mercury powerplant myself 2 sundays ago. they have driclor. i saw it myself. i didnt buy the product yet. no budget, haha. maybe you said dricolor instead of driclor.

gnicole's picture

hmm..that's weird..actually, i cant remember na, its been months since i bought my last bottle.i think it was somewhere in BF,since its the nearest branch..

Angel's picture

Gnicole, I went to Mercury Power Plant a while ago, but the sales ladies all looked stumped when I asked for DRIcolor. :)) Can you specify which Mercury branches have it? :)

che's picture

i just found out that deos that have aluminum chlorhydrate don't work for me, while those that have aluminum zirconium work for me. so rexona roll-on does not work for me, but rexona stick works for me. just my 2 cents, it might be helpful to others.

redpl8's picture

omg, i need to have driclor now! can you specify which mercury branches carry those or is it available in all mercury branches? is driclor being displayed on racks?

gnicole's picture

PS: you use it before you sleep..;p

Jillsabs's picture

gnicole: yes, please do :)

gnicole's picture

hi jill and angel! for your VERY FIRST application, you need to use it 5 days straight. after that, once a month nalang,or whenever needed. i dont use deo/anti perspirant because i dont need it!minsan, powder nalang ;p kaya 1 bottle for a year or so ;p it cures the SOURCE of excessive sweating. maybe i should write an article about this, hahaha!driclor saved my life,haha ;p

Jillsabs's picture

gnicole: so once a month lang with driclor alone or once a month with driclor while using another brand pa rin every day?

parang weird naman yata if the latter because it defeats the purpose of using a of using a very expensive deo if you're still going to use your regular drugstore brand deo. please clarify gnicole because i'm really curious with this:)

Angel's picture

Haha, Jillsabs, I assume she meant once a month Dricolor and then another brand on other days. ;) Weee, time to buy Dricolor and dance. Hahaha.

Jillsabs's picture

you apply it once a month lang? that's amazing.

gnicole's picture

yes!DRiclor has been available for YEARS! ive been using it for hmmmm..since i was in college, 3-4yrs ago..? i bought it in Mercury drugstore. it costs around 800+, but it'll last for a YEAR!you dont have to use it everyday. you can re-apply once a month(or in my case, everytime i start seeing sweat marks again).its "medicine" for super active sweat glands(i dont know the technical term). and it really works. i promise!hope this helps! ;p

Angel's picture

Is Dricolor in the Philippines? :)

susana's picture

where can I buy driclor?I've been looking for it for years and haven't seen one in the philippines yet