Lacoste Shoes on Sale in Trinoma! (updated)


We went to Trinoma early this week and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Lacoste shoes were on sale!

I checked out these black flats and they were down to Php2,900 from Php5,500! All of the items in the Lacoste accessories store in Trinoma were also on sale (from 40%-50% off I think).

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to ask for how long the sale will be held and if all the other Lacoste branches are also having a sale. So yeah, this is a fairly useless post :p

But if you're in the QC area and have a yearning for some Lacoste shoes, feel free to head on over to Trinoma ASAP and snap up a pair (or two!) while they're still on sale.

UPDATE: Turns out it wasn't just Trinoma, but pretty much all LaCoste Branches.