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Dreaming of super sleek, "pang shampoo commercial" hair at half the cost and done in the comfort of your own home? Then you must try Ben - the artist responsible for my catwalk-straight hair. :)This interview was conducted while the master technician was retouching my previously rebonded hair. :) I can vouch for this guy - very professional, very meticulous, galing talaga!

  1. Hi, please introduce yourself to the Kikay Exchange readers. Hello, my name is Ben. I am a freelance hairdresser. I specialize in salon chemical processes, specifically [tag]rebonding.[/tag] mail1.jpg
  2. Where did you train? I attended numerous demonstrations/ product launch/ seminars of different companies. I've been to the rebonding-specific demos of wellastrate (wella), xtenso (david's), ahglow, sofia, braidwood, hairlight/prosil, HBC, rbh, monea.
  3. How long have you been doing this and how many clients have you rebonded?
    I have 4+ years of experience in this field. The first 2 years was spent on learning and experimenting. Then the later part came when I thought i was ready for the next big thing -- that is facing real clients. I dont remember exact figures, but i estimate it's around 200 - 300.
  4. What product do you use?mail2.jpg
    I have practically tried all of the aforementioned brands and they are all almost the same in terms of efficiency. With the right technique, skill, and external products to use, then I can arrive with much the same result as with every brand.
    Right now I am using HBC premium line. First, because i like its viscosity, although not as rich-creamy as xtenso. It has a fairly acceptable scent too. Second. I use this because of cost-efficiency reason. If I will use luxury brands then definitely I have to charge as much as 10k, but since I cater to the middle-upper class, then this brand suits my needs very well.
  5. I had xtenso done two years ago in a fairly prestigious salon before you rebonded my hair. I didn't notice any difference - in fact, I think your work was better. Is there a difference between, say, rebond and xtenso?
  6. I'l give you the analogy: xtenso is to "colgate" as rebonding is to toothpaste.
  7. Have you ever turned down clients? What are your contra-indications to rebonding?
    A lot. I don't do previously straightened hair using Hydroxide (lye) chemicals, badly damaged hair due to successive coloring, colored hair with metallic / henna dye, bleached hair, fine/thin ageing hair, pregnancy up to 6 months after delivery, people taking certain medications (thyroid meds, steroids), those who can't sit on the chair for 7 straight hours, those who can't endure pain (during ironing), and last, those who can't simply follow the rules.


  8. What was your most challenging client thus far? (My thought bubble: please don't say its me. :D)
    I have lots of challenging clients. The extreme case is always a retouch of excessively thick, excessively kinky african-type of hair.
  9. And lastly, your message to Kikay Exchange readers?
    There's a LOT to know about this subject matter. People must be well-informed about this so they'll avoid salon issues. Searching for a very competent 'master technician' is another matter. So I'l invite your readers to visit my thread at GirlTalk (must sign up first).

http://www.qtben.multiply.com absolutely_straight@gmail.com * pictures are of Ben's clients - no, I am not in any of them ;)


Hi Chel,

How long are the effects typically good for? And did he recommend any particular maintenance techniques (i.e. tips and products)?

hi rhona,

the rebonded parts are permanent, but retouch is done every six months for the new growths. :)

he's partial to the l'oreal kerastase line. i've tried it, and he's right, it's really good. expensive though. i also tried Opal 1 min hair conditioner, available at watsons for around P120. this is really good too! makes non-rebonded naturally straight hair sleek and shiny. :)

here are his tips for maintenance and care for the newly rebonded hair:

Below is a list of maintenance tips to ensure long lasting straightness of your newly rebonded hair. I got these from his multiply site. I'm not sure if it's set to contacts only so I'm pasting them here. :)

1. Never wash the hair with hot water. Lukewarm and cold water is ok.

2. Use a "clarifying" shampoo once a week or twice a month to remove chemical residues, build-ups, mineral deposits. When hair starts to look dull and lifeless, it needs a bit of stripping of acculumated build-ups from conditioners, serums, oils, and other chemicals. If one relies heavily on treatment products and if your hydro supplier is deep well, then this is a must. It is also advisable to use a clarifiying shampoo after getting from chlorinated pools and seawater.

3. Use wide-toothed comb. Avoid using brush.

4. Always use a thermal heating protectant spray like Hairlight Biosilk PPT (available at R. Hortaleza branches) before using thermal styling tools (blower, curling iron, flat iron)

5. When blow-drying hair, use the cold air function. Direct the nozzle down the hair to make the cuticles smooth, flat and closed. This is will add more shine.

6. As much as possible, avoid pony tails, clips, headbands, cap or any way that will create tension to the hair.

7. If going to swimming pool and seawater is inevitable, saturate hair first with lots of conditioner and wear a swimming cap. The conditioner will create a protective barrier so that chlorine and other chemicals in seawater will not penetrate into the hair. FYI, chlorine, as well as UV rays is an oxidating agent and it can alter the structure of the hair, causing reversion to your rebonded hair.

8. Bleaching/hilites to rebonded hair is okay, but it will create future problems in the succeeding retouch sessions. A temporary spray/mousse hair color or a clip-on colored hair extension is more favorable.

Bleached hair / hi-lited sections are processed differently from the rest of the hair. These sections are extremely fragile, and are very quick to process. While virgin hair may get "cooked" for 40 minutes, bleached ones are ready for around 10-15 minutes! The solution used for bleached/hilited sections is different from virgin. When ironing, the temperature level for the bleached sections is at lower setting, and the rest of the hair is at higher.

Think of the time-consuming, highly-skilled, labor-intensive method of picking small strands of these hilites sections and doing the said processing, ironing, separating.

9. Using permanent color to rebonded hair is okay, but it is as damaging as the perm/rebond itself.

For longer-lasting tint effect with less damage, opt for demi-permanent cellophane (L'oreal "gloss" diacolor, redken shades eq, indola vitamin color, "tone-on-tone"). It gives color depth and shine. For washable cellophane with zero damage, look for semi-permanent ones (henna wax by shinemoist, colourshines by sebastian)

Note: Do not undergo any semi-permanent "coating" cellophane treatment 2-3 months before rebonding session, either retouch or full head. This type of cellophane coats the hair strands with a protective layer but washes out after 20-30 shampooings. This layer needs to be totally washed out before undergoing any chemical process (perm,color,rebond) or else it will cause uneven permeation of chemicals, resulting to failure.

10. Recommended product: Kerastase line. Consult a kerastase administrator so he can give a customized ritual according to the texture and condition of your hair. visit www.kerastase.com for product catalogue.

11. Eat lots of protein. Hair is made up of protein.ex.: Red meat, soy.

Thanks for the super comprehensive answer, Chel!

I'm trying to weigh rebonding against something less permanent like DIY relaxing kase eh.

Anyway, ang galing ng hair technician/artist mo! He really seems to know his stuff :)

Yeah he does. And ang tiyaga niya magplancha! As in konti konting strands, tapos machika pa. :)


i never knew that having rebonded hair entailed all that work and precaution pala :p

i don't think i'll be a good candidate though, since i tend to be laissez-faire with my hair.

pero grabe the dedication ha!

i had my hair rebonded recently at this hole-in-the-wall salon which came highly recommended. i came out with pretty hair.

that and uber-confidence to do anything. i'm beginning to think pretty hair can do that to you.

before i go off-topic, here's a thought: i've realized that it's not how much you spend on getting the rebonding done but actually finding someone who comes highly recommended. i've had my hair straightened/relaxed at different places (from the really cheap to the really expensive)with different results, and it's not always more expensive = more effective. now i've realized that as long as you find someone who knows his stuff, it doesn't matter where it's done.

chel: how much did it cost you to have your hair rebonded? what maintenance products do you currently use?

hi erika,

I tried to email you but the email bounced. :) anyway, it's half the cost of rebonding done in salon. :) I had a retouch so mas mura. Depende din sa length ng hair. :) I can email or text you how much I paid. :)

I'm bad eh. I don't really "maintain" the hair with expensive products. I mean, I have Kerastase which I bought for my first rebond, but I haven't used it pa now. I just use regular shampoo and conditioner. Ok pa naman. :)

Rosa, I super agree. Depende lang talaga sa galing ng "technician" yun. :)

Jill, straight na hair mo ah. Kung ganyan hair ko di na ko papa-rebond :)

hi chel,
thanks for your immediate reply.sorry, the email i provided previously was the one which i don't usually use, but the one i'm using for this post is the correct one.thanks a lot!

hi! am thinking of rebonding my hair, and while searching the net, mukhang xtenso is very popular. may i know what salon were you able to get the xtenso treatment?

Hi Chel!
im interested in having my hair rebonded and ipa cellophane at the same time. can i have the contact number of the hair stylist you werer referring to? gusto ko kasi makamura, sa davids kasi nagtanong ako, 7k ang rebond cost nila for my hair..sana reply ka..dun sa crazy_janne@yahoo.com
thanks. =)

Hi Chel, I'm planning to have my hair rebonded. Can you give me contact numbers of your hairstylist? Does he charge by length din? Kasi diba usually salon's charge according to the hair lenght?

Hi Chel. I am also thinking of rebonding my hair sana and I want to ask how much you paid for your rebonding. My friend went to a salon and paid a lot of money tapos when she came out, she did not have uber straight hair. Natakot tuloy ako magpa-rebond pero I have to have my graduation picture taken soon and I want to have great looking hair sana.

glends yup he charges by length. :) you may email him absolutely_straight@gmail.com :)

iya and joyce, I emailed you both. :)

hi.I am planning of rebonding my hair uli,its been 6 mos na rin.just want to know saan salon ba c ben nagwowork at how much ang charge nya sa length gaya ng sayo?Pls. send your reply sa email add ko lmrs_2001@yahoo.com thank you.

hi...me too! am desperately in need of rebonding my hair... where is this salon? plsssss helpppp!
email me at loidabyu@yahoo.com.ph

thank you!!!

hello girls!

ben doesnt have a salon. he does home service rebonding kasi. :) please visit his multiply account or email him absolutely_straight@gmail.com. :)

eow!! can you also email me ben's contact no or address.. and how much would it cost..
thank you very much!


i've emailed him.. but my mail bounced back.. can you give me his contacts and how much?.. thanks!! its a great help..

my e-mail: dfirst_rhea888@yahoo.com

Hi Chel,

I already had my hair rebonded 3 months ago, nag swimming nadin ako and all without any precautions pero ok padin xa up to now (though right after that swimming parang naging sticky and limp ung hair ko, then I washed it again nging ok na ulit, anyway I would like to have retouch ksi. Please send me details nmn on how can I contact Ben and how much retouching would cost. my hair is below the shoulders lng.. Thank you!!! :)

I have very thin hair, manipis talaga. and its lifeless, dull and simply pangit. What can you suggest I do with it. Can i cellophane it or rebond? Please advice.

Hi Chel,

A hairdresser from a prestigious salon where I have my hair treated every year is offering home service. She's charging me 1K more for Loreal X-tenso versus Wella. What's the difference? I've always used X-tenso but I dont want to have to pay extra if the results aren't visibly better. Help! Thank you!

Hi Anne, may I know the number of your hairdresser?

hi.i already emailed him.. but still didn't replied.
can i have his contact number?

why don't you guys visit the Institut de Vybrance in Pasig City and inquire about our rebonding procedure and system. visit the website www.vybrance.com

Hi Chel, can I also have his contact no? I am planning to have a rebond this weekend and i've been scouting good rebond reviews. Thanks to google, I came across this page. Thanks for the help!


Hi, ms Chel, thanks i found your site. It was a help coz I am thinking of having a rebond. I have seen 2 parlors here in Metro Mla., they are charging Php1,600.00 but haven't asked yet what they are using.My friend told me that Skwarkoph or something is good. Asked ko lang is it better than kerastasse?
I thought of a rebond coz every after shmpoo I had to iron my hair but before doing so, I always have this protection cream by L'oreal and voila ! straight hair but i was thinking why can't i have it rebond so I won't have to have this all the time. thanks, hope to hear from you.

i'm also planning of having a rebond. can you please recommend a nice salon, i have a short hair and my budget is max of 2500. please email me at meirosegalang@gmail.com


hi... i just had my hair rebonded... actually 3 times ko na to... every 6 months kasi akong nagparebond... im wondering if its okay to have a hair cellophane...para more shiny ang hair ko... i just had a rebond 2 weeks ago...

hi, i tried getting in touch with him too. his email is absolutely_straight@yahoo.com, but also haven't gotten a response from him yet. what's his contact details? could you email me please and also how much it cost you? thanks a lot!

hi miss rosa of entry #6 above, where is this hole in a wall salon you went to that came highly recommended? you can reply to jijij95@yahoo.com. hope to hear from you soon! thanks!

Hi chel! I must say, this site is amazing. rather helpful. Anyway, I had my hair rebonded last june and I'm so loooving my hair. Aside from my hair, i also love the beach. Unfortunately the stylist/"technician" who did my hair advised me not to go swimming sa beach within six months. But Im going to Bora this week (oct 25), which is less than six months after my rebond. Yikes!!

What should I do? Can you suggest specific products that I can use before and after swimming in the beach. What Kerastese product/s can I use? What brand of conditioner and clarifying shampoo? and what brand do you suggest for protein treatment? Last, where exactly can i get those?

Anticipating your response. Thank you!

sorry girls, ben is taking a hiatus of rebonding because of his nursing boards. but if you want I can give you the number of ate leony. she rebonded my hair, and I didn't see any difference. machika din siya. :)

marfa, I did that too - go to bora less than six months after my rebond. nasira hair ko. even if I saturated it with lotsa conditioner. :(

hi chel! can you also send me ate leony's contact number. i also want to have my hair rebonded.


hi chel! can i have ate leony's or ben's contact number? i also want to have my hair rebonded again. tenks!

Chel can u pls ym me or email me... i have something to ask u about the rebond treatment with ben...
curious lng kc ako about something... cn't discus matter here :)
hope for ur reply soon

ate chel
can u pls send to my email ben's contact number... he already scheduled me for a treatment i just need to confirm it... pls reply soon


pno ko mkokontak c ben or c ate leony? email mo nmn sakn soonest... plan ko kc mgprebond n.. tnx...

Hi, Chel!

can you please send me the number of ate leony? i need to have my hair done ASAP. thanks much

hi chel,

just stumbled upon your multiply site and boy am i so happy to know about this site! I learned a lot of kikay stuff here. i am in need of a retouch for my rebonded hair and am looking for a new salon. can you send me the contact number of ben?


i just got my hair rebonded 3weeks ago and i'm using schwarzkopf strait therapy treatment as maintenance.super shiny and bouncy ng hair ko unlike the typical super-straight-parang-walis rebonded hair.somewhat expensive (2500 for 500ml) but it was soooo worth it talaga.my mom also bought me one coz she thought i didn't buy it when the stylist recommended it to me so now i have an extra pa.if anyone is interested just txt me at 09178586036. i'll give it for 1800 na lng.sayang kasi i won't be able to use the two nmn e. :)

Hi! Can you suggest a brand of an inexpensive hair heat protectant product which is also available in major beauty stores?

Hi Chel, can you send me leony's number too? Thanks!

hi chel! can you pls give me ate leonys aor bens contact number. thanks!!! my email is bgmapua@yahoo.com or just pm me here in my multiply account. pls!! thanks in advance!!


can you please send me ate leonys and ben's number... good thing i haven't had my hair done yet. i am looking for someone na could straighten my uber kinky hair.

my email address is katherine_mae_bitanga@yahoo.com


Hi, can you send me ate leonys number plssss...

hi, can i have the number as well please. email me tanyagonzaga@yahoo.com

I go to summer camp so we go to the swimming pool....alot. And I was wondering would I be able to get my hair wet without worrying to much about it? If not are there any things you could suggest?

Also Im mixed [dad=white/mom=african] and I was wondering would I be able to get my hair rebonded. The reason I want to get my hair rebonded cause it gets thick awhile after getting my hair relaxed. And Im so sick of having to get it relaxed every like 2 months. So should I get my hair rebonded or try something else?

Okay now that I think about it my hair is probably most like the first picture only a little less thick. Haha. So yea please answer my question from before =]

Hi Chel,

Can you please email me Ben's and Ate Leony's number? I have been researching on where to go to have my hair rebonded and I still can't decide. Prior to reading this, I was looking into Minami Premier, Salon One and David's. Help! Thanks!

hello..can u send me the no. of ben?im thinking of having my hair rebonded at low cost salons..but im kinda hesistant since they might damage my hair..please i need to contact them...send it to pinkblossom1217@yahoo.com.ph..thanksssss...

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