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Absolutely Straight

Dreaming of super sleek, "pang shampoo commercial" hair at half the cost and done in the comfort of your own home? Then you must try Ben - the artist responsible for my catwalk-straight hair. :)This interview was conducted while the master technician was retouching my previously rebonded hair. :) I can vouch for this guy - very professional, very meticulous, galing talaga!

  1. Hi, please introduce yourself to the Kikay Exchange readers. Hello, my name is Ben. I am a freelance hairdresser. I specialize in salon chemical processes, specifically [tag]rebonding.[/tag] mail1.jpg
  2. Where did you train? I attended numerous demonstrations/ product launch/ seminars of different companies. I've been to the rebonding-specific demos of wellastrate (wella), xtenso (david's), ahglow, sofia, braidwood, hairlight/prosil, HBC, rbh, monea.
  3. How long have you been doing this and how many clients have you rebonded?
    I have 4+ years of experience in this field. The first 2 years was spent on learning and experimenting. Then the later part came when I thought i was ready for the next big thing -- that is facing real clients. I dont remember exact figures, but i estimate it's around 200 - 300.
  4. What product do you use?mail2.jpg
    I have practically tried all of the aforementioned brands and they are all almost the same in terms of efficiency. With the right technique, skill, and external products to use, then I can arrive with much the same result as with every brand.
    Right now I am using HBC premium line. First, because i like its viscosity, although not as rich-creamy as xtenso. It has a fairly acceptable scent too. Second. I use this because of cost-efficiency reason. If I will use luxury brands then definitely I have to charge as much as 10k, but since I cater to the middle-upper class, then this brand suits my needs very well.
  5. I had xtenso done two years ago in a fairly prestigious salon before you rebonded my hair. I didn't notice any difference - in fact, I think your work was better. Is there a difference between, say, rebond and xtenso?
  6. I'l give you the analogy: xtenso is to "colgate" as rebonding is to toothpaste.
  7. Have you ever turned down clients? What are your contra-indications to rebonding?
    A lot. I don't do previously straightened hair using Hydroxide (lye) chemicals, badly damaged hair due to successive coloring, colored hair with metallic / henna dye, bleached hair, fine/thin ageing hair, pregnancy up to 6 months after delivery, people taking certain medications (thyroid meds, steroids), those who can't sit on the chair for 7 straight hours, those who can't endure pain (during ironing), and last, those who can't simply follow the rules.
  8. What was your most challenging client thus far? (My thought bubble: please don't say its me. :D)
    I have lots of challenging clients. The extreme case is always a retouch of excessively thick, excessively kinky african-type of hair.
  9. And lastly, your message to Kikay Exchange readers?
    There's a LOT to know about this subject matter. People must be well-informed about this so they'll avoid salon issues. Searching for a very competent 'master technician' is another matter. So I'l invite your readers to visit my thread at GirlTalk (must sign up first). * pictures are of Ben's clients - no, I am not in any of them ;)

shazia's picture

can u plz tell me a detailed difference between rebonding and loreal extenso?

i plan to use keune wella rebonding kit. can it be done at home lke if my sister does it for me by very strictly following the instructions?

plz do give me some of your professional tips and cautions for the process of rebonding at home. i'll be eternally grateful

Jillsabs's picture

I'm sorry but I really don't know.

Anonymous's picture

Hi. Im planning to rebond my hair. Have you tried Monea hair rebonding system, the one in the red box? Is it really effective, my hair is thick and wavy, do you think it can really make my hair straight?

Anonymous's picture

i tried monea several times and it works.

Anonymous's picture

Hi, I wan't the have my hair rebonded with monea hair rebonding system. But I have dyed my hair last june 2013 and used Shine Moist Henna wax treatment last december 20, 2013. Will be it okay if I do rebonding this time?

Jillsabs's picture

It's best to ask this to your stylist, since she's the one who will best be able to assess the condition of your hair.

Jillsabs's picture

I'm sorry but I haven't tried the Monea hair rebonding system.

Anonymous's picture

well im here just message me and im willing to a home service rebond!

Lilian's picture

I need my hair rebonded. Please e-mail to me at, Mr. Ben's contact number. I badly need his services. thanks!! Lilianh

Lilian's picture

I need my hair rebonded. Please e-mail to me Mr. Ben's contact number. I badly need his services. thanks!! Lilian

aldine's picture

Hi, I just got my hair permed yesterday and I really did not like the effect. The stylist did not follow instructions kaya ngayon super buhaghag na yung hair ko. Pwede ko na kaya iparebond agad? Please enlighten me on this. thank you so much.

barbie's picture

hi can you pls email me contact details about dun sa 1k na loreal extenso treatment? thank you so much

Mary JOyce's picture

hi.,i want to rebond my hair at home.,can i have the number of your specialist.,pls.pls.,
here's my email.,,

regina's picture

hi! pasend naman ng no. ni ate leony or ben's no.
thanks.. mail it @

hairstrait's picture

Hi Kristina,

As previously discussed in the thread, majority of of the imported rebonding products such as wellastrait and xtenso as well as ahglow,have similar efficacy (but will also depend on the stylist's competence and the hair iron too). The difference lies in the price. Ahglow has been proven by a lot of stylists and basically the leading local brand. Plus, Ahglow do not have the stinky smell you'll find in other brands.

kristina's picture

is the monea, hbc rebond and ahglow are good products? can u please give me a tip. thanks

mawi's picture


chanced upon this thread as i was searching for the best yet affordable rebonding salon. may i also have contact #s of ben and ate leony? thanks!:)

angie trilana's picture

Any recommendation saan mura pero guaranteed na maganda kalalabasan ng hair pag pina rebond? Shoulder length hair po aq. Nag try aq before s INDEX SALON in Munoz,pero disater ang kinalabasan ng hair q! As in nagsugat ang anit q,nalugas at nagka putol putol ang hair q!! Tas wala po sila ginawa any necessary action man lang nung nag complain aq =(

jane capilo's picture

hi chel,

please send ben or leony`s no.
im scheduling my self for a treatment this week


jona's picture

Hi! Do you have hair extension? My hair is shoulder level .and i want it longer like marian rivera( waist level) much will it cost can u email me in thanks...

Karen's picture

Naku guys, parang nakakatakot naman po yung discussion nyo. May trauma narin kasi ako sa ganyan Nirefer lang sa akin sa blog then i contacted the stylist by myself. Nagpaservice kami ng friend ko sa house namin for the rebonding. the thing is after kong mag shampoo 3 days later, nagkaputol putol na yung hair ko & yung friend ko naman sobrang nag frizzy halos half nung hair nya. Nung tinatawagan na namin yung stylist na gumawa sa amin. pinapatayan na kami ng cel. Never na namin ulit nakita yung stylist. Just my opinion, mas ok po talaga yata kung sa malalaking salon magpagawa ng rebonding kasi sobrang delicate pala nung procedure. Atleast pag may nangyaring hindi maganda sa hair mo ay may hahabulin ka. yung nag service sa amin na stylist di na namin nakita ulit. 6k each pa naman binayad namin... huhuhu... almost 2 years kong pinagdusahan un...

Chel's picture

Hi girls,

I do not have Ben's and Ate Leony's numbers anymore. My Globe SIM ran out of load so I can no longer retrieve those. =( But you can go to the Multiply site mentioned in the article.

jasmine's picture

hello..can u send me the no. of ben?im thinking of having my hair rebonded at low cost salons..but im kinda hesistant since they might damage my hair..please i need to contact them...send it to

Jamie's picture

Hi Chel,

Can you please email me Ben's and Ate Leony's number? I have been researching on where to go to have my hair rebonded and I still can't decide. Prior to reading this, I was looking into Minami Premier, Salon One and David's. Help! Thanks!

amanda's picture

Okay now that I think about it my hair is probably most like the first picture only a little less thick. Haha. So yea please answer my question from before =]

amanda's picture

I go to summer camp so we go to the swimming pool....alot. And I was wondering would I be able to get my hair wet without worrying to much about it? If not are there any things you could suggest?

Also Im mixed [dad=white/mom=african] and I was wondering would I be able to get my hair rebonded. The reason I want to get my hair rebonded cause it gets thick awhile after getting my hair relaxed. And Im so sick of having to get it relaxed every like 2 months. So should I get my hair rebonded or try something else?

tanya's picture

hi, can i have the number as well please. email me

lalaine's picture

Hi, can you send me ate leonys number plssss...

Kath's picture


can you please send me ate leonys and ben's number... good thing i haven't had my hair done yet. i am looking for someone na could straighten my uber kinky hair.

my email address is


apples's picture

hi chel! can you pls give me ate leonys aor bens contact number. thanks!!! my email is or just pm me here in my multiply account. pls!! thanks in advance!!

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