Frugaling Your Way to Smooth and Healthy Skin


Skin care and the quest for clear skin are two things I've devoted significant energy to, specially in my old beauty blog. With my oily and acne-prone skin, I experimented with countless products just to get clear, smooth and artista-like skin. Ten million years later, I'm still nowhere near an Anne Curtis complexion but you know what, it really doesn't bother me anymore because I have long learned to accept what I've been dealt with in the genetic lottery pool and work with it, instead of vainly trying to change it into something it's not and will never be.

But to be perfectly candid, part of my acceptance stems from the fact that I am no longer as pimple prone as I used to be. Sure my skin is still oily and my large pores still dominate my face, but since I can't do anything to reverse that part of my genetic make-up, I have learned to live with them and blot as needed. However, the same cannot be said about acne and pimples. Those motherf*ckers can be eradicated and this is how I was able to wallop them into submission without spending truck-loads of money:

RCBC Bankard All In Rewards Online

I've talked about credit card rewards points several times in my blog and I have made no secret about my dismay at how sad our rewards system is, specially when compared with the US. Seriously, they get hundreds and thousands of airline miles just for signing up with a credit card and I get about Php2,000 as cash back credit after I spend about Php200,000? Baduy lang ha.

I've had my RCBC Bankard credit card for almost 10 years now and I've always been impressed with how pro-active and helpful RCBC's customer service is. I remember when I arrived from the US after a vacation, I received a call from RCBC informing me that they had locked my credit card since a charge was made in the US and they were concerned that it was fraudulent (it wasn't, I confirmed that purchase was mine). And how can I forget that time I caught 2 fraudulent charges on my credit card because of RCBC's text alert? Yup, I'm a very happy RCBC credit card customer.

Hooked on Thanakha

thanakha block

Every night, right before I go to bed, I bring a knife inside the bathroom and scrape off a teaspoon worth of powder from this yellow block. I then apply a few drops of water to the powder to create a paste, spreading and rubbing it on my dry face, and leaving it on for a few minutes before washing it all off with water. After patting my face dry, I once again marvel at how soft and smooth my skin feels.

Ladies, I would like to introduce you all to thanakha, which I can safely say is the best facial wash I've ever tried, bar none.

Pray for Paris

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”


Martin Luther King

The Spider and the Vamp

It took me quite a while to get into the Halloween spirit, but surprise, surprise! Trick or Treat is now my favorite of all the holidays (assuming that it's a holiday). I guess things changed when I had a child and I saw how fun it was to dress him up and to dress up in general.

Never Goodbye

It had to happen sometime so let's make this quick and painless.

Beauty blogging doesn't make me happy anymore. And because it no longer brings me satisfaction, there's no drive to go the extra mile to come up with posts, take photos, review products etc.

That doesn't mean though that I've totally lost interest in all things kikay, on the contrary, I often find myself thinking that I should blog about something I discovered or something I like, but when I start thinking about the logistics involved, I usually end up saying "Di bale na lang" and proceed to play with my son. Again, if something doesn't give you joy anymore, it's no longer worth the effort.

But while I may stop writing in Kikay Exchange, I'll still be visible over at Frugal Honey, my blog on personal finance. It might be because of shifting priorities or growing old, but managing my money and helping others manage theirs, gives me way more satisfaction than dispensing advice on hair rebonding.

To be clear, this is not goodbye because I'll still be around, albeit in another blog. Thank you very much for sticking around with me these past 7 (or 8?) years and you have all been awesome.

See you around!

Quick Updates + Parenting Philosophy

For the first time in weeks, I woke up with absolutely nothing on my to-do list. I submitted my revised financial plan for my Registered Financial Planners (RFP) course yesterday so I suddenly have all of this free time to blog, read, cook or just do absolutely nothing. I love it! Also, my son's yaya is now staying in with us, so that means we can watch a movie or go out for dinner on a weeknight! An actual, honest to goodness date without wrestling with a squirmy toddler to stay in his seat. I can't wait!

While I do miss beauty blogging, I honestly don't mind not writing on my parenting site Mom Exchange. I sometimes wonder if I'm a negligent parent because I'm not interested at all in parenting techniques and all the other bells and whistles that accompany modern parenting. Moreover, since I don't have any basis for comparison that will make me shrivel with insecurity or pat my own back with self-praise, I seriously think I'm doing a fantastic job at being a mom.