Cooking up a Kitchen

Whoa. It's September already?! Why does it feel like we celebrated the new year just a few weeks ago? Seriously, time is moving so fast!!

But despite wanting time to stand still so I can savor every second with my baby boy, I'm also itching for October to come rolling by because that means that I'll be getting a windfall from work and I can finally have our kitchen renovated!

Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation

I've always had a soft spot for mineral makeup because it was the first foundation that did not cause me to break out and/or make me feel like I was about to participate in a sagala (in short, natural lang ang peg). It's been years since I last used mineral makeup though because the loose powder formulation is just so difficult to use and my skin cleared enough for me to use tinted moisturizers. But mineral makeup will always be there among my holy grail products.

Sunday Surprise from Pond's

Guess what was suddenly delivered to my door last Sunday? A personalized kit from Pond's!

Let's see what's inside shall we?

Stocking Up on Basic Tops

I'd like to say that I prefer basics because they never grow out of style and then pretend that I'm a classic dresser that way, but I'd be lying. I'm now comfortable enough with myself to admit that I will never be fashionable and frankly, I don't give a sh*t.

Instead of being fashionable and following the trends, I try to go for clothes that flatter my body type and fit well. That means playing up my slender figure without drawing attention to my less than defined waist. Through the years I've come to realize that I look best in loose tops and tight fitting bottoms, or the reverse, tight tops with loose bottoms. And with my mommy pooch, I mostly favor loose tops these days.

Also, how can you go wrong with basic pieces? They go well with everything, they age gracefully and are every frugalista's bestfriend.

Going Natural and Organic with Zenutrients

Just how much do I love my Zenutrients coconut shampoo? Enough to buy a big-ass one liter bottle! Whoa!