Hello! Hello!

I feel like I should introduce myself once again after my long hiatus.

"Hello, my  name is Jill and I run Kikay Exchange. No, Kikay Exchange is not dead, but it may be on the verge of dying because its administrator is a bad blogger. A baaaadddd blogger."

Off tangent, I just celebrated my 35th birthday and how beautiful is my cake from Tous Les Jours?! It was almost sacrilege to cut into such a pretty cake but I'm glad I did because it was also really, really yummeh!

Shiseido Ibuki

There's been so much praise and whoops of joy over Shiseido's Ibuki line that I had to try it out for myself too. The wonders of marketing indeed :)

I picked up the sample kit which contained travel sizes of the cleanser, softener and refining moisturizer for Php1,600.

Elorde Southbox

It may not be obvious, but my husband and I (a.k.a. The Happy Eaters) come from very health and fitness conscious families.

My brother and sister-in-law took up boxing when it was the craze years back and continued at it long after the hype died down. Given how intertwined boxing has become in their lives, I guess it was inevitable that they would team up with the Elorde group to come up with their own Elorde franchise.

Hey Shorty!

I started growing my hair out around three years ago  because I wanted to feel pa-girl after years of wearing it short.

And now I wanted to cut it again. Actually, I've been wanting to cut it for the past few months. Every time I wrestled my hair into another ponytail, bun or what-have-you hairstyle, I would tell myself to just have it cut once and for all. Then I would plan to make a trek to visit the hair gurus like Louis Kee or Henri Calayag, but a trip to Makati is already something of a pilgrimage given my current life and would entail making arrangements with my baby's yaya and my husband to drive me to Makati. Basta, hassle siya.

Beauty Rest with Naima Sleepwear

What is it about lounge wear and sleepwear that connote images of ratty shirts, bacon underwear, basically clothing that you wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside of your house, but which you wear wholeheartedly in the comfort of your own home?